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6th Surrey Tops Sept 19th/20th 2020

For the results, report, pics & route description see our walk archive

- The Surrey Tops forms part of the Southern KSS Triple Challenge -

On the basis of completing the 2017 Surrey Tops, anyone who now qualifies for the KSS Challenge certificate will, in due course, receive their certificate from the Recorder of the KSS. No action required on your part.

If you have qualified for the KSS then congratulations! But why stop there? 6 consecutive completions qualifies you for a silver certificate, 9 a gold, and 12 a platinum. After that, well who knows...


- Next Surrey Tops, 19th/20th September 2020 -

- Next KSS qualifier is the Sussex Stride in Sept 2019 - 



Awaiting the start at Chichester Hall 2014