Cat and Fiddle

People come from all around
Wherever Jackies walks are found
Over hill and down the dale
Bags of climbing, without fail

Off we go at half past eight
Whatever happens don't be late
Start off quickly, on we go
Soon we're feeling all aglow

From the back there comes a call
Someones missing,count them all
Sure enough we are one short
Has he turned where he ought?

Back together to Goldsitch Moss
Didn't suffer further loss
Roaches End and Gradbach too
What's that looming into view?

It's Shutlingsloe and up we go
Some are fast and some are slow
Through the forest to Teggs Nose
A minor detour but up she goes

Short break for a well earned snack
Back on route and heading back
Up through the forest and the trees
Most of us begin to wheeze

Along a road and take a track
Nearly there, almost back
Still we climb amidst the peat
Seeking respite for our feet

Pub it finally comes into view
How many miles, twenty two?
Several think a couple more
Turned out to be twenty four

Thanks to Jackie, a glorious day
Refreshment needed several say
Across the road, not very far
A very welcome Hikers Bar

Pub Rock sun set team view 1 view2