Calderdale 5 Trigs

Well you may ask, which 5 Trigs? They are Sheep Stones Edge, High Brown Knoll, Standing Stone Hill, Hoof Stones Height and Great Bride Stones which when joined together produced an excellent walk marginally in excess of 21 miles with over 4000 foot of descent.

Which group members got a tick in the attendence register? Dave, our leader, Karan. Lynn, Norman and yours truly.

Anyone Else? We welcomed two guests, Hazel & Jane from East Lancs and West Yorkshire groups respectively.

A brutal climb out of Hebden Bridge (aren't they all?) saw us climb into the mist and we didn't see anything as we reached the first 2 trig points. Note for future- I could lead a walk here and no-one would know they had been before.

Refreshment stop at Lumb Hole Waterfall, a delightful setting in the trees. Norman had been experimenting in the kitchen again and produced loads of biscuits and cakes for us to try. We just couldn't decide which were the nicest even though we did our best trying them all more than once, purely for research purposes of course.

Sun by now had burned off early morning mist and we could now see where we were going and it was well worth seeing. Fired up by a sugar overdose from Normans baking we soon made Standing Stone trig. Karan by now was missing Andy as she had no one to race (and beat) to the trig points.

A brisk pace was maintained all day even though conditions underfoot were wet and sticky in places and we finished with a gentle descent along Colden Clough back to Hebden Bridge.

Could be an excellent Anytime Challenge Route?