South Pennine 24 2019 - Report

Setting out from my home in Barrowford at 6.30am for duty with my reliable Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera and trusty four wheeler I headed for Dovies.
Anticipating a glorious day on hearing the weather forecast the previous evening.
On capturing the sunrise dropping down to Denshaw, I had a good vibes for our flagship event.
Chris, doing a manful job organising the Car Park, allowed me through to the Sailing Club CP, where I was just in time to see the sun hitting the top of the hills above Dovies Res’.
After checking in at the SC Clubhouse and finding everyone good to go, participants and staff where all eager to hear the Starting Bell at 8am, rung this year by Nathan, with our main organiser Anne overseeing proceedings.
A nice touch, I thought was incorporated at the start by inviting our dear friend John Phillips, to welcome everyone.
When approx' 120 entrants where off and on their way, I was whisked away up the bumpy 2.5m Chew Road to Checkpoint 1 at Chew Res’ and the team of, Mags, Nathan, 2 lads from Raynet and the redoubtable AW.
Always cold up here, despite the welcome sunshine.
Mags plied us all with a hot drink to fill in the time, before the leading runners started to come through.
Taking a few shots of the leaders and staff, I then walked back down to the Clubhouse clicking the shutter at the amazing views over and around the beautiful Dovestone Area.
Also I chatted to two people on the way with a view to signing them up possibly, it struck me we should have an advert up on the Sailing Club Notice Board for SP/LDWA and perhaps leaflets for people on the day!
Back at headquarters, I met and chatted to more lovely people and wished our amiable Chairman all the best as he continues his circumnavigation of the World, before leaving in my car this time and our 2nd Checkpoint at Crowden.
Oh, I had to include a shot of my new SP T-Shirt, so Proud to be a member!
I have to confess here and now, driving to Crowden gave me loads more trouble than walking there, at one point I was nearly in Barnsley/Sheffield.
Eventually, arriving at Checkpoint 2 just in time, with Nick and Hazel refreshing the last couple but one to pass through, Mark and Deborah from Leeds.
After mistaking the Raynet Guy for the Ice Cream Van Man, I shot off for the 3rd CP at Hollingworth Church, an excellent venue I thought.
On duty here where, Vera, Karen, Ian and Chris again, having a ball judging by the pleasure radiating from their faces.
By now it was lunch time and I indulged in some of the splendid goodies on offer, chatting and snapping with some of our Guests.
Off again, with a some more difficulty navigating my way to Carrbrook and our 4th CP, where I met on duty in fabulous sunshine, Steve, Julie and Ron.
Taking more snaps, before dragging myself away from a spot of sunbathing and drinks, I made my way back to Base.
I have to say by the evidence I saw travelling around, everyone was having a great time!
Arriving back at Dovies, I found the CP full and no preferential access this time.
Bin Green was full also, but I managed to squeeze in by the roadside.
Walking along the Reservoir Promenade, I could not resist another pose with the dramatic rocky outcrop of Dovestones behind.
Finally I caught some of our good friends from the West Yorkshire Group, Karen, Julia and Ralph with one of the many SP Peter’s, at the finish.
Inside the SC Clubhouse, there was Jane and Ken beavering away logging all the Information and Statistics, (97% completion) this was a very well prepared, presented and performed event! 
To conclude a huge vote of thanks go to the Kitchen Staff, Karen, Jean, Linda Sue, Billy and Kim, the food was wonderful, plentiful and the service excellent.
I would like to point out in particular, Karen and Jean who where on duty all day and along with Husband & Dad Norman Johnson’s contribution to South Pennine, we owe this family a huge debt of gratitude!
Both Norman and Dave, where operating as Sooty & Sweep, tidying up the tail for the days event.
All that remained now was, a distribution of the leftovers and a general clean/tidy-up, before we all headed home around 6.30pm
An end to a fantastic team effort and very memorable day!
Thank you all for contributing!
I have found some good people/friends here at SP 
Kind regards Peter.