Going Green

Time 7:45 location Ingleton Community car park which was completely deserted apart one car, mine "Oh **** everybody’s gone to the other CP" "lets ring John" - but no signal, "better go to the other CP and collect them" so off we trudged. Half a mile later Margaret's phone rings "its John he's on the original CP" OMG I can't even keep the group together even before we set off this is not filling me with confidence.

Time 8:10 By this time everybody had found the correct CP all 9 of us, so off we set not before I made one of my now legendary weather predictions. Waterproofs would not be needed as I could tell by the clouds that it would remain sunny all day, so everybody duly put their waterproofs in the rucksack as past evidence indicated that I was going to be wrong.

We then began with a climb pass Glebes Farm on to the road, before a stile allowed access to Keld Head Scar, eventually meeting up with the Turbary Road and then climbing up to Ireby Fell the start of our walk along the ridge. Still climbing we went passed Dobson Hill on to Gragareth (627m) while enjoying views of Morecambe Bay. Along to Green Hill (county top) (628m), next came Great Coum (687m), and on to the last of the peaks on this side of the valley we were doing Crag Hill (682m). At which point we descended down to the road. Easier said than done, as the heather had grown since I pioneered it a couple of months before. The going was hard on the legs which were still recovering from the effects of walking through nettles on the last Sunday walk, and some wimps decided that it was easier on a path on the opposite side of the stream,that left just 3 to soldier on, keeping to the original route. Eventually we reached the Barbondale Road and re grouped.
We continue along until reaching an area called South Lords Land at which point we turned on to a green lane which after 6 miles end up at White Shaw Moss. Next more climbing this time Whernside the biggest climb of the day at (736m). Not a good idea as it was at the 20mile stage. Once summited it was all downhill to Ingleton all 5 miles great views enjoyed of Ribblehead Viaduct and Ingleborough. Once back we walked to the pub ignoring request to go by car for a well earned drink.

Walks facts

Weather : sunny all day (as I said)
Distance : 26.4 miles
Time : 9:hrs 56mins
Moving Average : 3mph
Overall Average : 2.7mph
Total Accent : 4198ft
Max Speed : 5.5mph ??? (cant remember running must have lent it to Norman or Dave)

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