dark peak bomber

Despite BBC weather warnings 9 intrepid walkers set off from Godley Railway Station, chosen so that participants could reduce their carbon footprint by using public transport. Two did so. Me, I live round the corner and Harold "billy one mate" Stott, whose one mate was on holiday so he had no lift. We set off towards the Pennine Way at Mill Hill where we found our first bomber of the day. Here we were introduced by Virginia into the G.P.S. sport of geocache who found five such treasures on the walk. Anyone who thinks that leaving a free naff sunday suppliment cd is a treasure needs to be taken to the nearest trig point and shot. (sundayexpressman@bleaklow take note). Onto the pennine way a special picnic was arranged, entry by invitation only. All but two of the party gained entry. "billy one mate" didnt get in. Bleaklow and Padfield soon passed by followed by a crossing of a green lane known locally as the Woodhead Pass and then to our starting point at Godley. Here several g.p.s were produced to show our mileage for the day varying between 23 and 25 miles. On my recce my g.p.s gave a mileage of 22miles, but I must admit the batteries did run out (dont buy B.O.G.O.F. batteries that were 8 for one of your english pounds). Onto the Godley Hall Inn where I paid the car park fees for all who parked there , two pints of fosters for me and a speckled hen for "billy one mate".Thanks to all who turned out and to those that didnt, in the words of Keith Richards, "u shudda bin there!!!".




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