Minsterley Meander

A very early start was needed for our venture into Shropshire and it proved necessary when I arrived with 1 minute to spare before the start of the walk.Shouldn't have stopped for breakfast really but...

An initial gentle pull through some deciduous woodlands up to Stiperstones nature reserve became a rough walk along the ridge with uneven stony paths underfoot.Excellent views were available in all directions and several people commented on the unusual rock formations (Devils Chair/Manstone Rocks etc) along the ridge.The trig point at the top of the ridge had to be 'claimed' by several and this entailed a degree of scrambling for some and a short rest for the remainder.

The route continued on to Mucklewick Hill where lunch was taken.Several expressed concern about nearby sheep but we were not troubled at all.They had obviously not been on the same training course as the sheep at Kinder Downfall!

The afternoon walking was gentler than the morning walk but as ever there was a 'sting in the tail' as the ridge we had walked in the morning had to be regained before a sharp descent through woodland to the old mineworkings at Snailbeach.

For many this was their first glimpse of Shropshire and we were very pleasantly surprised at the quality of walking available.This area will feature again on one of our future programmes I'm sure