Northern Rocher…

Weather..Initially fine and sunny with slight cloud cover mid afternoon.
Windy on the tops reducing the temperature quite considerably.

11 LDWA walkers(Three from other groups)

We assembled at the car park enthusing about fine weather and good conditions underfoot.We set off promptly at 09:00 and headed across the dam at Ogden. Soon we were climbing up towards the familiar track at Tunshills Lane. Here we turned left and followed the path under the M62 at Rakewood and across the rugby field at Hollingworth Lake….we were making rapid progress and we were soon at Lydgate where we were going to have our first break…but given the rapid pace it was only turned we pressed on.So far all the tracks were familiar as Val and I had walked or ridden them time after time over the years….Oh how contempt can lead to a fall???.We crossed the road at the A58…and I thought the track to the White House left the Pennine Bridleway ¼ of a mile further on…wrong..The next thing we knew we were floundering in knee deep slutchy mess as we tried to negotiate this short moorland section(Mea Culpa)…we were pretty spread out and several people were high up on the right making good progress…it turned out they had regained the correct path and were making swift progress to the Whitehouse….We soon regrouped and ended up having a rather protracted morning break sheltering in the lee of the dam at Blackstone edge reser.
In order to get our mileage in,Val decided to do a quick zoom around the resers at White Holme…This little loop brought us back to within 200yards of where we had our break….as Harold pointed out.

We were now heading up towards the Aiggin stone and Blackstone edge…The wind was slightly behind us and we were making superb progress….Soon we were at the trig point…and making our way to the mast at Windy Hill…Just beyond the Transmitter we decided to have lunch…There was a convenient chuck wagon parked several took advantage of hot coffee….but we continued for another half a mile until we found a more pleasant place to stop.

Fed and watered, we continued over White Hill and onto the moors that take you to Standedge..Above Castleshaw etc…..Here we turned sharp right into the area called ‘Northern Rocher’…This area can be a pretty bleak in bad conditions..but today we were blessed with fine weather.

We then picked up the Pennine Bridleway down to Dowry Reser…and then over to Ready Con Dean reser….This was now our homeward section and we passed the farm that keep strange looking beasts..Alpacas …Several were turned out today..and after a cursory glance,took flight and bunched together…giving us the meanest looks they could muster…which wasn’t very mean..just rather comical.

Heading over the rise,we descended down to Rooden Reser..and soon we were on the final descent to Ogden and back to the cars….complete with little dog in tow…which we eventually managed to return back home.

Superb day and a very brisk pace(average speed of 3.6 MPH).
The conditions were perfect..if a little breezy.
Height Gain…2923 feet
Average Speed…3.6 MPH
Top Speed….8.6MPH..running to catch up
Calories Burned..1690…….so Guess whos got a new GPS????

Oh..and finally……9 Reservoirs Visited.

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