Goyt Gambol

Thursday 6th November
Approaching half past eight
Neil receives a phone call
Norman's running late

Car park is located
Norman hurries out
The leaders looking nervous
Has he checked it out?

Walk along the ridge top
Mist is slow to clear
At least it isn't raining
A reason for good cheer

Aircraft wreck is sighted
Stirs memories of the past
Soon at the Cat & Fiddle
The pace it is quite fast

Down into the Goyt valley
More photos still to take
Fourteen miles completed
Time to have a break

Trees adorn the hillsides
Yellows,Reds and green
Autumn at its grandest
Such colour to be seen

Along the disused railway
Lake reflections charm
Most of us experience
A feeling of inner calm

Safely back in Whaley
Just after half past three
This Thursday walks a winner
Nine walkers do agree

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