Brighouse bound and sign of the times

Due to various aches and pains I have only managed one walk in the last 12 months. The other day I was resting up on the settee while Lynn was reading her emails. Hey she said, have you read  this email from John about the AGM. get your backside into gear go on Thursdays walk and find out whats going on.  Well I turned out and  no ladies were present, so there was very little gossip, only talk about football, gortex and GPS, though I did have an interesting  chat about frittatas and risottos ( steve clarke wondered if the walk was organised by the W.I.)  . So if any of you have the inside track on "the night of the long knives at the cross keys" can you let Lynn know and get me out of the dog house.  On the walk we had two encounters which left their mark on me, the first was a chance meeting with the up and coming Yorkshire rock band Norman and the Belted Galloway's, who allowed us to take their photo. The second was a chat with a friendly Yorkshire farmer who enquired why we were taking photos on his farm. This peeked my interest and I noticed that his farm was littered with signs informing walkers where to go. I then started to take notice of the numerous signs seen on the walk. I have never seen a sign asking not to feed the donkeys before, but then again we were not a million miles from Elland Road. Yorkshire water had guidance on how to walk next to babbling brooks, and there was also a useful sign for the  Melbourne branch of the ldwa. Now regarding the stolen flag stones Ive not rung crimestoppers yet but Norman had been this way the week before and mentioned that Jean was busy at home laying a new patio. When I was a young lad public toilets were ladies and gentlemen, what next?. The most accurate sign told everyone no cars turning on the drive, it was right, there were no cars turning. Once again Norman led a walk around an area where none had walked before, and has more planned in the future which I can highly recommend. Thanks Norman!.