Marple Bridge

Despite the fact that I hadn't thought up an interesting name for the walk 13 people turned up at Brabyn's Park. All pleased  that the weather had done another u turn and we had chilly sunshine. All went well and we had a nice , bright spot in a children's playground for elevensies.  Luckily there were no pesky children to get in the way of our comfortable seating.Then we got above Chisworth and hit the beautiful , untouched snow which slowed us down a touch but not as much as the deep drifts which blocked gates and stiles and filled up all the tracks to at least 3 ft. Great fun trying to skim across the top and sinking hip deep. The snow eventually gave way to slush so at least nobody went home with muddy boots. By the time that we got down to New Mills we were back in another season with  sunshine sparkling on the river and layers being removed due to the warm temperature.
A very interesting and varied day. The pictures tell it all.
An extra treat was a detour to the pub for drinks all round at the expense of Norman who was celebrating a very important birthday.  Many happy returns  Norman