Derwent Edge

My first walk for the group as leader and I wasn't sure wether I wanted a good turn out or none at all. As it was there was myself, Sue, John, Norman, Peter. Some guests from South Manchester Dave, Ken, Steve and Bess who turned out to be the best walker of the day. My mate John who I thought hadn't made it but following mystic messages on the path we found him sitting on rock at White Tor.


We set off from Cutthroat Bridge going down towards Ashopten so that the climb up to Back Tor would be worthy of Norman then, over the moor, passing a site of devastation at Bailey Hill where the Orcs had been and felled al the trees. On to High Bradfield then Low Bradfield for a great lunch spot by the river - entertainment provided by the squabbling ducks


Change of scenery after lunch with some welcome shade in the woods of Bradfield Dale then another little climb up to Ughill Moor ( great name) and then Moscar Ho (another great name) and back down to Cutthroat Bridge by 3.30pm as predicted.



Summer having it's final fling gave us a great day. Sunny and warm but with some helpful breezes to keep it bearable.

Saw some reservoirs, some rocks, some moors,some trees and a couple of rivers. 18.3miles Total ascent 2700ft. Temperature - hot.


Thanks to all for turning up.

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