Grouse Coutry

Attendance Register - Dave S, Harold, Helen, John, Julie, Neil, Norman & Peter A mixed forecast for todays outing but Harold wasn't bothered as he had been fortified by the Breakfast van in the layby at the start. Over the wall on to open moorland and the ascent to the days first trig on Harry Hut. Past the extensive remains of an aircraft wreck on to Mill Hill before Kinder Downfall and the summit of Kinder Low. A good pace was being maintained and after foresaking the Pennine Way we arrived at Edale Cross, a medieval cross just below Swine's Back. Now came the interesting bit. Brown Knoll is soggy at the best of times and after a weeks heavy rain, extra detours were necesssary. No one believed it was dry when we did the recce last week. Neil tried to convince us there was a cafe in the distance but we already knew it was a railway ventilation shaft. On to the Pennine Bridleway for some easy walking until the ascent of South Head beckons. Lunch just below summit where the leader produced some home grown garden peas for everyone to sample. A couple decided to conserve energy and missed out the summit. Across the Hayfield/Glossop road on to Chinley Churn. A sharp drop to Birch Vale before final trig point on Lantern Pike. Neil reckoned we had got the wrong Lantern Pike pointing out an Inn down in the valley. From here a gentle stroll back to the cars. Just over 7.5 hours and 20 miles completed. Fine weather all day in spite of forecast.

Kinder Low Near  Kinder Downfall Neil Points out Latern Pike On the Pennine Way Say Cheese Julie Soggy Brown Knoll South Head Summiteers