Freewheeling From Friden

Wake up. Weather lousy. Forecast lousy. No-one will bother will they? Sit in car park listening to rain drum on roof of car. A splash alongside. B******, someone else has turned up. Can't go home now. More headlights appear as I try to avoid being hypnotised by the wipers. Eleven of us set off. 100 yds down the road and a car aquaplanes to a standstill and Steve joins us. A dozen fools then.

 Down Long Dale where we attract the attention of some young bullocks who want to race us down the dale. A short detour over a gate to preserve our safety. Into Elton - is there any shelter for a break? Church open but not really the done thing to lift our butties out whilst sitting on pews. Found bus shelter and had brief respite from rain.

Now on to Limestone Way. Shame we can't see much but when clouds do lift slightly views emerge down to Matlock.

Lunch taken during brief dry spell just short of Ible. Spirits lift. Smiles replace scowls. All seems well with the world again. A drier afternoon with only showers. We criss cross the High Peak trail several times before climbing to the top of Minning Low. Getting warm now, or is it just the exertion?

Walk over. No doubt several cases of trench foot. All said they enjoyed it - just being polite I suppose. Steve sets off to find his car.

Andrea, Richard & Steve Harold & Neil enjoy lunch John & Phil Julie, Sue & Howard Minning Low