explosion in a rock factory

I have been accused of many things, under estimating distances, grading and being dropped on my head as a baby, but when you advertise a walk in strider as a full hard days walking, visiting englands highest peak and calling it explosion in a rock factory, you would think that people would know what to expect. Well you cant keep everyone happy.(i refuse to name names but everyone knows its you Val). The walk started with a heavy shower as we started up the band but soon abated , the rest of the day being fine. Bowfell was climbed via the climbers route and the great slab.Its an easy route but when viewed from angle tarn its a scary piece of rock. Everyone was given the option of reaching the summit just climb those rocks, most did.. On to esk pike, just climb them rocks, most did. Great end, just climb them there rocks, some did. ill crag climb them rocks, a few did. Broad crags, anyone, just a few rocks to climb, no one did. After four hours of walking scafell pike was reached. The return was by way of the corridor where i took a snap of norman and harold, what are you going to call this photo they cried "two old men", well if the cap fits. All day I was asked about the names of various peaks and tarns which i named showing my vast knowledge of the lakes until stumped near the end of the walk, well Glyn it was allen crags or it might have been tongue head !!!.Highlight of the day was a pint in the old dungeon ghyll and recalling the day. Virginia remarked how we had not seen any trig points, which was strange as she is a keen geo cacher and had to have her photo taken by the trig point on scafell pike. Having spent the day showing how cool i am, i then showed my geek side by knowing the trig number for scafell pike (its s.1537). Im getting worried that this geek obsession with trig numbers is getting as bad as harolds with phots of magic mushrooms , but how cool is posing with trig points after having tried harolds magic mushrooms.A big thanks to all who tuned up

climbers route bowfell scafell summit the great slab two old men one great gable