Bowland 1500' Trigs

Today's walk was an outing into the little visited area of the Forest of Bowland. No major peaks to scale but plenty of up and down work if we were to achieve the tops over 1500 ft. The weather had been kind to us enabling the ground to dry up with little rain over the last couple of months. Dave, the leader, turns up swathed in bandages - a slight twinge he says!

A reasonable turnout with 6 groups represented and several walkers from across the county boundary in Yorkshire. An honour indeed to get a visit from those who rarely leave 'Gods Own County'.

After a short delay due to a couple of last minute arrivals (Mike and John Mac - hold your heads in shame) we marched out of Dunsop Bridge before the village had stirred. A brutal ascent of Totridge before the level ( and extremely boggy) walk along the ridge to Fairsnape Fell. Through the clearing mist we could make out Blackpool Tower and Morecambe Bay but the Lake District was out of view. Next objective was Hawthorntwaite Fell with its toppled Trig point as featured in the previous edition of Strider.

A sharp descent follows and lunch taken in the valley before the climb up to Wards Stone. Andy from West Yorkshire has specifically come on the walk to climb his namesake and by the time he reaches the summit he knows what hard work Wards are! (sorry)

Wolfhole Crag followed where Julia had problems with her footwear - incredibly Julie just so happened to be carrying some insoles in her pack of the right size and saved the day.

Three of us wimped out of the final ascent up Whins (plus one who needed a lift). Hazel, however, who had never walked this distance before carried on to the end - well done.

All in all a good workout over some very rough ground. Yorkshire eyes were opened as they did not anticipate the terrain they were confronted with. Quote ' I almost take back all I have said about Lancashire'. Just hope they made it back before curfew.

Thanks to Julia for the photos and Dave for planning & leading the walk.

3 Yorkshire Folk on Day Release A passing shower Dave, Mike & Ian Fairsnape Fell Ian & Mike enjoy a sunny spell John, Julie, Julia & Dave Jule & John Julia peaks again Ralph & Andy at Wards Stone Ralph & Julie on Hawthornethwaite Fell Viagra anyone? Wolfhole Crag