hootin tootin brighton belle

The weather forecast was not good, heavy showers, and while stuck on the M60 at Portwood, the forecast was correct, but as traffic thinned and I passed the airport, blue skies could be seen in the west. On arrival at Hooton I was meet with a group of walkers set for a summer stroll, shorts and sunglasses were in abundance. As per usual a health and safety warning was given before starting off, no jewellery to be on show , any valubles or money to be stowed safely in the bottom of ruck sacks. Onto the wirral way, a good pace set. A deep cutting reminded some of Peru then onto Neston and morning drinks, As we made our way along Gaynor Sands a strong headwind was encountered and woolie gloves and hats were donned. Numerous wind surfers were out at West Kirby marina and they got up good speeds but seemed to have problems turning round . The sands at hilbrie point were crossed , shelter from the wind found and lunch taken. For the final nine miles to New Brighton the wind was at ours backs, no rain was encountered. At the train station all attempts to reduce cost by asking for group discounts , LDWA discount or senior citizen status were rebuffed by the counter clerk, "full wack please".

anchor grayton sands boat yard grayton sands nature reserve hillbrie point machu picchu west kirby marina