Saddleworth Skyline

Devised many years ago by local walker Sam Taylor, this c30 mile route takes many highlights of the Saddleworth area and is certainly not a route for the faint hearted. Many miles are off recognised footpaths with a couple of rough gullies where a little scrambling is required. Each mile walked is hard won.
Clearly there is a demand for this type of walk with 15 enthusiasts there on time and Andy Ward making an appearance 20 minutes late having allegedly done a couple of circuits of Oldham town centre.
A warm day is in prospect although the views are somewhat hazy. Dry weather conditions mean the conditions underfoot will not be too demanding with the peat bogs having largely dried up.
Early on it is clear there are a few who are keen to put down a good pace and they disappear into the distance after Alphin Pike & Chew Reservoir have been achieved, apparently finishing the walk an hour or two ahead of the remainder.
Progress is slow, particularly down Birchen Clough & up Rimmon Pit Clough where a couple of landslips hinder progress, and the first 10 miles take 5 hours.
Slight diversion undertaken as access to South Clough barred by barbed wire, but the newly paved 'old' Pennine Way ensured speedier progress.
The temperature contined to rise and at the Rams Head Farm Shop, the drinks cabinet was almost emptied as stocks were replenished. Several bottles of finest ale were also popped into rucsacks for later. The attractions of Stella were too much for Mike who decided to call it a day.
Crompton Moor, Bishops Park & Wharmton fly by before the sting in the tail. Descent into Uppermill is followed by the steep ascent to Pots & Pans.
Anne kindly opens up the sailing club for a couple of drinks before the journey home.
For the statistically minded, the GPS's measured between 29.5 and 30.3 miles with around 4700 ft of ascent.


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