Future Events

Sat 10th Dec 2016
Group Walk - 8ml. 10.00 Brabyns Brow, Marple Bridge SK6 5DT, or in Brabyns Park CP on opp side of A626. Map: Exp 1 (GR SJ964893). Moderate walk (1200’ ascent), via Etherow Country Park, Mill Brow, Mellor, Bottoms Hall, then lunch 14:00 at 'The Midland’. Non-walkers and family members welcome. Names to Roger…
Sun 15th Jan 2017
Group Walk - 14ml. 09.00 CP near Peak Forest canal terminus. Maps: Exp 1,24 (GR SK013815). A pleasant walk for a winter's day. C: Duncan Smith Telephone number in Strider
Sun 5th Feb 2017
Group Walk - 15ml. 09.00 C.p. by the Navigation Inn, Buxworth. Maps: Exp 1,24 (GR SK023820). To include Chinley Churn, Mount Famine, South Head and other destinations on Kinder's south west side. L: Dave Gosling Telephone number in Strider. E: dwg@davidgosling.net
Sun 26th Feb 2017
Group Walk - c17ml. 08.30 Off A623 at Calver Sough (park on road). Map: Exp 24 (GR SK239748). Calver, Baslow Edge, Birchen Edge, Gibbet Moor, Chatsworth, Baslow, Bubnell & return to Calver. L: Michael Magee Telephone number in Strider
Sat 4th Mar 2017
Group Walk - c18ml. 09.00 Arkwright Rd, Marple B6102 (free roadside parking - Strines Rd end). Map: Exp 1 (GR SJ963886). To include Cobden Edge, Lantern Pike and Cown Edge. C: Steve Millward Telephone number in Strider. E: steve.millward@ntlworld.com
Group Walk - 15ml. 09.00 Topley Pike cp p&d. Map: Exp 24 (GR SK104725). Steady pace. L: Quentin Blagg Telephone number in Strider. E: qblagg@live.co.uk
Sat 29th Apr - Mon 1st May 2017
Group Walk - Maps: Exp 26,27. Breakfast checkpoint duties and some walking on the North Yorkshire Moors or along the coast F & C in Whitby?. C: Quentin Blagg Telephone number in Strider. E: qblagg@live.co.uk