Perseid Meteor Shower (Day/Night) | Friday 16 August 2019

Walk Leader: Steph Carter
Participants: 0
Mileage: Planned to be 16 miles
Walk Report: Steph Carter


While this walk was not cancelled it did not take place, much to the walk leader’s relief, as nobody turned up.

Friday 16thAugust had been exceptionally wet, with a yellow warning for rain in place, and a strong breeze. The walk was to start at 19.30, but the heavy rain was not forecast to end until after 23.00 - about 12 hours after it began. Even after the rain the sky was forecast to stay cloudy, which would have prevented any meteors from being seen.

Had anyone turned up the route would have been modified to avoid Rosedale Abbey village and walking along the valley of, and crossing of the River Seven as there are places with sloping banks and exposed soil /mud which would be treacherously slippery during or soon after heavy rain. This would have shortened the walk by about a mile.