Open to Offas 2018

22 September 2018


          Jubilee Tower  28 October 1862


 Open to Offas is a long-established challenge walk held in September with options of 30, 21 or 14 miles in 11.5 hours from Cilcain Village Hall (GR SJ176652) (just inside N Wales, 15 minutes beyond Chester by-pass).

 All three routes climb the Clwydian Hills to follow the Offa's Dyke Path with the 30 mile route  taking in 3 Hill forts and 3 Marilyns along the length of the ridge with a return via wooded country. The views are outstanding, the terrain underfoot is excellent throughout and the event is famous for its food.  The start is at 08:30 (30 & 21-mile routes) or 09:30 (14-mile route).  Explorer Sheet 265 covers the whole event apart from about a mile at the southern end of the 30-mile route.  Landranger Sheet 116 also covers everything apart from half a mile just off the eastern edge for all routes.


Route description and gpx files of all three routes will be available for download from September 2018


 Data Protection Statement

By entering the Open to Offas challenge walk the entrant agrees with the following:

“ I understand that the personal information submitted as part of my entry will be held by the event organisers for a period of up to two years after the event is held for the purpose of managing this event only. I further understand that photographs are likely to be taken at the event, which may be featured in Strider magazine or on LDWA websites. In addition, I understand that summary information may be published and may be held for the purposes of providing a record of the event. I will have the right to request that all my personal summary information is anonymized, should I so request”

Summary information is limited to the participant’s name, gender, date, distance covered and time recorded. By entering via Si Entries, an entrant is considered to have agreed to the above statement.


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