Possible themed weekend away 19-20 Nov 2016

An extragalactic expedition (well almost)

Looking right ahead to November, we are thinking about organising a themed mini-weekend away for LDWA London members.  At this stage we're just trying to gauge whether enough of you might be interested to make it worthwhile.

The theme for the weekend is highly appropriate for a walking club - it's astronomy.   So here's the plan:

  • Saturday 19 November (am) train to Eastbourne
  • Sat 19 (late am / pm) 15-20 mile walk to Herstmonceux
  • Sat 19 (evening) "Comets and Curry" themed evening at the Royal Greenwich Observatory
  • Sat 19 - Sun 20 (overnight) accommodation at the Bader International Study Centre (10 mins walk from the observatory)
  • Sun 20 (am) breakfast in Herstmonceux castle (5 mins from the Bader Centre)
  • Sun 20 (late am / pm) 15-20 mile walk back to Eastbourne (by a different route)
  • Sun 20 (evening) train back to London

RGO Herstmonceux


The Royal Greenwich Observatory at Herstmonceux


You can find more details of the curry and comets evening by clicking here
And you can find more about the Bader Centre by clicking here

This is a pretty rare opportunity as the open evenings at the observatory aren't held that often, and also we've only managed to negotiate accommodation at the nearby Bader Centre because my (Adam) son happens to be studying at the moment at Queen's university in Canada, which owns it.

The total cost will be about £120 which includes the return train fare, one night's B&B, curry evening meal at the Observatory, and a tour and talk about the "Taurid" meteor shower at the Observatory.  If it's a clear night (and that is a big "if") there may also be the opportunity to look through some of the telescopes as well.   NB a vegetarian option will also be available.

So if you think you would be interested, please could you let me (Adam) know by email to  london.walks@ldwa.org.uk or by reply to this email.   Please let me know by the end of next Monday, 1 February.   If you need more info, drop me a note and I'll do my best to help.
Please note, I'd need payment in full (except for the train) by the end of February, and the number of places will be limited.