Latest walk report: Satiurday 11th August 2018

London to Brighton Part 2, Saturday 11th August 2018
8 walkers, 18.5 miles - leader Jerome Ripp

A cooler day gave ideal walking conditions and the heavy rain of yesterday even saw the return of a few short sections of mud. It was almost a relief after the hard baked concrete of some paths. The Millennium trail over Redhill common, a short section of Greensand Way around Earlswood lakes and then south to Horley and the twin joys of the M23 and Gatwick. Picnic lunch in Barstow churchyard, a pub stop at the Prince Albert in Copthorne, and plentiful woodland to pass the manicured grounds of Worth Abbey school and finally west back to the Brighton railway line at our destination of Balcombe. Despite this being the Low Weald with only small inclines, the GPS did show a cumulative ascent of approximately 400 metres. 4 people still have the chance to claim their reward in Brighton if they walk all 4 sections.



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