Latest walk report: Friday 10th January 2020

Sun, Sea and Sand 2020, Friday 10th January 2020

28 Walkers, 14.5 miles (16 miles for those who reached the elusive Wetherspoons) - leader Ron WIlliamson

No rain, no snow, no mud, no hills, no navigational problems, hardly a challenging walk; just a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about where to place our next step. A chance to witness a murmuration, watch seals swimming in the Thames, visit a life boat station 1.3 miles out at sea and walk on a sandy beach leaping effortlessly over the groynes. Then as the sun disappeared in the west a chance to observe a majestic full moon appear in the eastern sky and combine with the refracted rays of sunlight to produce the most awe inspiring sunset.

A few yards to the station to board a waiting train to end the day, but half of us wanted more and decided to walk to the nearest Wetherspoons which mysteriously seemed to have been relocated ? It was therefore some half hour later, and now in the dark, when our walk concluded and as promised our winter blues had been blown away

Photos by Gavin Fuller and Godfrey O'Callaghan; more by Gavin and Keith Lane on the group Facebook site.




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