Latest walk report Saturday 17th July 2021


East of Epping, Saturday 17th July

8 Walkers, 18 miles - leader Lonica Vanclay

7 walkers joined me (so a merry band of 8) for our 18 mile walk from Loughton to Epping via Hainault forest, Lambourne, Theydon Mount, Epping Forest and Coopersale to Epping.

The only complaint we could possibly have about the weather was it was hot – very hot in the open fields – however, the forest shade was very pleasant indeed and quite a lot of the walk was in forest, so we all survived. 

The sky was blue and the clarity of the views was amazing.  Are there views in Essex I hear you say – yes – right back to the Shard from Stapleford Tawney!!

Needless to say it being Essex, we did not escape mud – and several paths were so overgrown by nettles and brambles that the path was hard to discern.  Glad I didn’t wear shorts – apologies to those who did.

Remarkably few other walkers were passed – though there were lots pulling in for Paintball and 100 Tiny Trotters were out on their horses on a circuit – fortunately we only passed a small proportion.

It did all mean we had a proper “country” experience though – all within reach of the underground line. 

Photographs by Lonica Vanclay