Fouders' Challenge catering

Fouders' Challenge catering
The Long Distance Walkers Association

This is a call for volunteers to help with the catering for the Founders' Challenge (Saturday October 13th in case you have forgotten). This is an opportunity to play a key role in making this long-standing event a great success and enjoyable for those participating.

A group of 3 or 4 people (the “catering collective”) can break this task down into manageable proportions. We can draw on the experience of several people – Chris Ketteringham, Susan Cannell, John Pennifold and others – who have helped in the past and are available to advise. There are good notes from John on what did and didn’t work well last year. We also have access to his Quantities Calculator.

The first task for the catering collective will be to decide the menu. We could stick to the pattern of the last couple of years – soup (prepared beforehand), a ploughman’s, fruit salad and custard – or we could offer something different. Last year there were a lot of leftovers with the ploughman’s option, which were prepared and plated-up well before the walkers arrived. Perhaps we should have a menu based on non-perishable items that can be prepared quickly in response to demand.

From that decision flows the supermarket order. This can be delivered to the hall at Peaslake while we are setting things up on the evening before the event. This order also needs to include the sandwiches and snacks provided to checkpoints.  Arrangements  already exist to transport the checkpoint food to the checkpoints.

Offers to bake cakes for the checkpoints are most appreciated. However, the catering collective will need to ensure that enough cakes are made, or bought, so that all walkers  have an opportunity to eat them.  

On the day, apart from the catering collective of 3 or 4, there will be enough additional helpers in the kitchen to prepare and serve food and drinks, and wash-up. It is important for the coordinators to decide beforehand who does what and to have a clear time-tabled plan for the day. Chris and John can advise on what is required.

If you are at all interested and available please speak to Gordon Parker who can provide more information. The event cannot run without volunteers to organise the catering.