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Become Part Of The Story.

 Hull is City of Culture 2017. If you did not know that, you soon will, as an extensive programme of cultural activities kick in. It's the biggest thing in Hull since…..,.. well it's probably going to be the biggest thing ever to happen in Hull. You can dance, sing, act, juggle, draw, paint, perform, photograph, eat, drink, look, watch and listen to just about anything. Don't forget sport. Its a big part of the culture around here. Hull is still more about rugby than Rubens or Rigoletto. It's citizens are more likely to follow football than Fellini.
So, what is culture? As always, if you're not sure look it up on Google. After all, that's become more part our culture than Goethe. It told me that; culture is a way of life of a group of people. T­he behaviours, beliefs and the values that they accept, generally without thinking. Furthermore, The University of Texas, suggests that culture is a collection of activities, sometimes superfluous in reaching desired objectives, but are considered as socially essential. They are therefore carried out most of the times for their own sake.

Well, I think that my walks are  “socially essential” and “carried out for their own sake”. Some companions would also say that “without thinking about them” is another key characteristic. If the “behaviours, beliefs and values” of a group of people help to define their culture, then surely the LDWA promotes culture as much as the Royal Ballet or The Tate.
So, what better way to celebrate Hull becoming a cultural centre than with a challenge walk?  Why not visit Hull, during 2017, marvel at the Turner Prize, listen to a quality concert, see the Hull Sea, watch a choreographed display, stroll around a much changed city centre, join in a festival (or two), search for a moth, enjoy a gastronomic feast, visit the Deep and of course, go on a unique, one off, never to be repeated celebratory challenge walk. This is your chance to become Part Of The Story in Hull City of Culture 2017 and you can keep your clothes on. I'm confident you will not be disappointed.
(See walks programme for details)
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