Whither shall we wander?

A rose between two thorns! Chris and Ellie Chris and John Rolling hills ahead Viv leads the way What have we here then?

ComINGS & GoINGS Saturday 14/8/10 - 16miles Start 10.15am Finish 4.45pm

Leaders David & Alma Walsh. 7 people & 1 dog

Decent weather was forecasted for the East Lancs away weekend at Ings & we set off in fine conditions up the gated road from the Watermill pub.

Over various fields stiles & tracks we reached the High House farm which is featured in the Lakes TV programme. Various animals were encountered here including 19 cats,2 sets of piglets & many chickens. Ellie was on her best behaviour.

On to St Catherines tower for a drinks break & then picking up the Dales Way we made our way to the pretty village of Staveley for lunch in the local park.

Climbing up to Potter Fell we had fine views over Burnside & Kendal. Past Potter Tarn & Durnal Gubs we turned Eastwards in lovely sunshine to return to Ings via Barley Bridge.


ComINGS & GoINGS part 2 Sunday 15/8/10 16 miles. Start 9.15am Finish 4.00pm.

Leader John Howarth 13 people

Invigorated by an evenings drinking dancing & performing Irish reels to the Sons of Curragh Irish group at the Beer Hall in Staveley to celebrate Vivs birthday on the previous evening we were joined by more East Lancs walkers for our Sunday Walk.

This time we crossed the A591 & headed up Grassgarth Lane before cutting right through Heights Farm& dropping down into the Kentmere valley.

No respite though in even warmer conditions than the previous day as we climbed up through woods to the fell. Continuing Eastwards we had fine views including Skeggles Water before dropping into the next valley Longsleddale.

Northwards now until we reached Sadgill.

A long pull up the hill in ever increasing temperatures ensued until we stopped for a well earned lunch break.

Easier going now as we headed to Green Quarter & down winding country tracks to Kentmere.

Heading south on our final leg of the walk we returned to the Watermill for much needed refreshments.

RED ROSE WAY Part 6 - Downham to Slaidburn Wednesday August 25th

Leaders :- Ian Pickup & Chris Langabeer

Deputy Leaders – Norman Thomas and Bill Taylor

Star Debutants - Ken and Jacqui Beevers

18 people



Despite pleas on the coach from Slaidburn to Downham of “No grass. We only want tarmac” Sherpas Pickup and Langabeer took a hard line and grass it had to be. However there is growing unrest in the expedition party as this walk continues. The mutineers led by Fletcher Christian Thomas are about to rebel and overthrow the current regime. No more the harsh and cruel conditions of wet grass and mud, it is tarmac and concrete the oppressed and downtrodden walkers want! Power to the Plodders!

This walk just gets better and better. Uppermill to Wardle to Holcombe Brook to Baxenden to Whalley to Downham – all those stages have had their highlights and rewards but this latest section to Slaidburn was just a delight from start to finish. We had the early treat of the sight of a steam train puffing its way along the Ribble Valley and morning coffee was taken in the inspiring ruins of Sawley Abbey. Then we headed west, Pendle Hill never seeming to leave us, to Waddington Fell and some of the best views in the North West.

The lunchtime break was taken in some farm ruins with greengage plums ripe for picking. Thence we headed off between the Fells of Easington and Newton towards our target of Slaidburn. We even had time to buy out the entire stock of home grown tomatoes from two ladies who grow and sell them to raise money for the RSPB. We even think we managed to attract a “solo” walker into joining the LDWA. A day walking with Bill certainly makes you realise the attractions of going out walking on your own!

The day was finished with a pint and a laugh and everyone looking forward to the next stage – Wednesday September 22nd – Slaidburn to Hornby.

Tarmac plotting and rebellion are already underway. Hoorah!!!.