More Summer Saunters

RED ROSE Stage 5. Wednesday July 28th.

THE TARMAC THOMAS WALK - Whalley to Downham.16 people

Walk Leaders : Ian Pickup and Chris Langabeer

Pretend Leader : Norman Thomas

We started at Spring Wood car park and up through the golf course to Sabden where we had morning coffee at the quite lovely bowling club. Then Oh No – Pendle Hill. It was as unrelenting but rewarding as it ever is. Quite the pride of Lancashire if truth be known. We’ve had “fair weather” walkers in the club before but now we have a “fair surface” man – not naming any names but it is Norman Thomas. Norman refused to traipse over any more moorland and would only stick to roads earning the nickname “Tarmac Thomas”! Let’s hope it sticks. We dropped down to Barley Country Park for lunch before heading up past the Black Moss Reservoirs and across to the beautiful village of Downham for the finish.

Bronte Round Sunday August 1st. 9am Hebden Bridge

As usual I looked forward to my Sunday jaunt with the East Lancs gang. 16 of us met at Hebden Bridge for the 23 mile trek around the hills of Hebden and Haworth, (there were several faces I had not seen/met before).

Well it seemed like the boys were on a mission as they set off uphill at rather a rapid pace. I think they may have been testing our early morning capabilities and I'm not sure if we passed or failed the test ! It was a most enjoyable walk with varied terrain, some beautiful views and Norman and John to keep the ladies entertained as always with their smooth talking banter.

As we entered the final section of the walk we encountered some pretty difficult terrain along the riverside section. Having successfully negotiated it, (or so we thought) one of our members (Stella) slipped on a combination of tree roots and a rather short steep slope and unfortunately badly hurt her ankle. I had already slithered in the same spot and Viv also slithered down it behind Stella. There was nothing else for it but to lie Stella down and keep her warm as two members of the group Dave and Ian trotted off to seek medical help. The paramedics duly arrived and attended to her but the services of the mountain rescue team were required in order to haul Stella up to the ambulance. They did this in a most professional manner and off she went full of gas and air. The crew certainly appreciated the magic spray which Neil kindly shared to stave off the midge invasion that was attacking us. At the time of writing I have not been able to confirm the extent of her injury but I know we all wish her a speedy recovery and hope that it does not spoil the forthcoming wedding day of her daughter Alicia.

Stella sorted we marched on back to Hebden Bridge slightly later than scheduled and I think most people would agree that this unfortunate incident did not spoil what had been an otherwise lovely day.


Note from Webmaster. Hazel kindly wrote this without any prompting/nagging/pleading - thanks very much.

Round about Moss Bank Park. Tueday 10th August. 7pm. 35 walkers and 8 dogs

Anne Oliver must have thought she was going to break all records for numbers on an evening walk as there was no space left on the main car park at Moss Bank park and people were still driving in. However, there was competition in the form of a fitness club so we left them to their exercises and headed off across the park.

A short stroll saw us walk along the edge of Doffcocker lodge and then we crossed the ringroad again to circuit High Rid reservoir. As always there was a stiff breeze here but the evening remained fine. Sweets were handed out by Hannah to keep everyones blood sugar levels up.

Returning to Doffcocker we strode along the other side and returned to Moss Bank park to find the car park much depleted. An excellent walk marking the conclusion of the summer evening strolls.
Anyone for a swim? Breezy High Rid Crossing Doffcocker High Rid Start of the walk Sweetie Time!