Lots of June Walks!

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Tuesday Evening Stroll, 22nd June 2010.

43 persons, plus two who joined late and numerous dogs

Anyone who can find a footpath north of Bolton that John Crook hasn’t walked deserves a medal and Ian managed it. This was just about the hottest day of the year thus far and it made for a prefect evening stroll. Our esteemed leader took us through the Last Drop Village, round and along the banks of Jumbles Reservoir up towards Edgworth at Turton Bottoms and then back through Holts Fold to Cox Green. Yet again it was a lovely little walk and very pleasant company. More new faces who seemed to enjoy it and that is always pleasing. Just a stallion looking after its foal which gave us all a bit of a scare at one point.

It all whet the appetite for the next evening stroll which is Barbara's "Wellington Boot” on Tuesday July 13th.

See you all there. We’ll probably meet up with the two ladies from Leigh who will still be driving round Bromley Cross trying to find the escape route!