Still in June

Alongside the wind farm Anne chats up the engine driver At Ramsbottom Station Leaving Holcombe Hill Over we go Pause for thought What is she saying? Where are we? Top of Knowle Hill
Ramsbotttom Round. 13.6.10. Start 9.00am finish 4.45pm. Leader Barbara Shelton.

This badge walk, devised by Derek Magnall, erstwhile group secretary of East Lancs, was completed by 23 people in generally fine conditions (well apart from the last hour’s light rain). Actually, there were four or five more than that on the car park at the start, but they took one look at us and decided to run the route instead. Strangely we did virtually catch up with them as we were heading down towards Edenfield, but they waved and carried on. Maybe they’d been lost and were too embarrassed to hang around (you know who I’m talking about, Louise!)

Starting from Ramsbottom station, the route takes in Grants Tower, Harden Moor, Knowl Hill, Scout Moor wind farm, Waugh’s Well, Irwell Vale, the Ellen Strange monument, Pilgrims Cross, Peel Tower and the Krypton Factor assault course, though we didn’t have the energy for the latter.

With immaculate timing, as arranged by the leader, a steam train pulled in to Irwell Vale halt just as we arrived for the lunch stop, and, surprisingly, nobody elected to get on it! I got some brownie points for that but lost them later due to circumstances beyond my control, ie the rain – grossly unfair I thought, Les, but I’ll forgive you.

Norman did sterling work as the back stoker, as he kept telling me all day, and was as cheerful as ever. Hazel was striding out at the front for the last few miles and kept me company, but may regret it as I suggested she’d make a great walks leader herself. Thanks go to Hilary for taking the photos and supplying the sweeties. For those who didn’t go for a beer in the Railway afterwards you missed a fine pint of Black Sheep, served by the landlord who is a personal acquaintance of Norman’s – and he still served us!

Barbara Shelton

Wednesday, June 16th. Red Rose Walk -Part 4.

Leader: Norman Thomas or to be sure of the correct route- Chris Langabeer.

At 9.00am on possibly one of the hottest days of the year, 25 eager walkers assembled at Spring Wood, Whalley. Luckily, Chris had booked a larger coach as there is always someone who doesn't book a seat - mentioning no names!

We travelled in style on a 52 seater to our start in Baxenden, where Carol awaited us. So attired in shorts, sunhats and suitably creamed, we set off. Within half a mile, Norman had taken two wrong turns, bless him, so we then watched Chris very carefully! To be fair, on the reccie the previous week it had been very misty, that was Norman's excuse anyway.

The views we had were superb and apart from a very "cow rutted" field we had a super walk. There was a mixture of canal, woodland, open countryside and the River Calder. A Garden Centre half way round even provided a welcome stop for ice cream. Lunch at the "Burnley beach" gave Barbara a chance to paddle, dried off with a towel from the always prepared Hilary. The "white water" wasn't enough to tempt Viv!

So "thank you" to Norman and Chris for a lovely 12 mile walk or was it 13.7 or 14.5, who cares?
Alongside quarry and great view ahead Approaching Whalley Nab Green lane and blue sky Looking for the monster of the deep? Norman retraces his steps Pause for a welcome drink The start of the walk What a lovely day