East Lancs Backpacking Trip

Alvin and John drink on Bernard at Buckden Rake Leaving Grassington Peter wishes he'd eaten a smaller breakfast Please don't mention mint sauce The Fearsome Foursome Towards Buckden Where do we go?
The Inn Way – To the Yorkshire Dales

8 – 13 May 2010

Starring in particular order

Hilary, June, Peter & Bernard

With my usual male company unavailable, Bernard came off the bench to even up the male female balance.

The Inn way to the Yorkshire Dales was the first of Mark Reid’s Inn Ways.

76 miles in 6 days seems very lightweight for a backpacking trip for LDWA members but the shortage of miles gave us time to relax over breakfast each morning and time during the day to explore more deeply the points of interest as well as time for tea rooms and pubs.

In fact it was on day one, in pub one, The Falcon in Arncliffe where we met Alvin & John, two brothers from the West Country wandering like two lost souls in search of Cider. They are in fact rampant socialists actively involved in the re-distrubution of wealth, from their pockets to the Yorkshire brewing industry. John is a member of the LDWA, Alvin may be soon, I certainly dropped enough hints.

The weather was fair, only wet for a short period on two days, the cold wind however, was a feature on most days and with it coming from the North we had a few snow flurries on the tops.

A good route, Grassington to Buckden, Buckden to Askrigg, Askrigg to Reeth, Reeth to West Burton, West Burton to Kettlewell and finally Kettlewell to Grassington. The book describes the route very well with lots of information on the area’s history, the sketch maps are good but it is difficult to pace yourself as the distance is not marked, the mileage is only given at the start of each day eg A-B 8 miles then B-C 6 miles. Still that was our only complaint of the book and route.

All in all a very enjoyable few days away, good food, good views and good company, special thanks go to Chas for driving us up to Grassington for the start of the walk.

Approaching Grassington Glorious! Is it better in the next dale? Journey's end at Linton Falls Sleet in May? No! Peter in Apedale Snow and sunshine near Whernside We're just imagening sleet Wonderful view