Springing Along

A new member A new member 2 Allan makes a new friend Along we go At Hornby before the walk By the River It's Right or Left from here, our intrepid leaders Looking over the valley When will we see them again? wonderful views
Weds April 7th. LUNESDALE LIMP

Walk Leader : Bill “Where Are We?” Taylor

Deputy : Norman “Don’t Ask Me” Thomas

Number of attendees : 18

Number of people who got lost : 18

Number of people still wandering around Lunesdale : 18

Number of people looking forward to Bill’s next walk : 18

Plus four canine celebrity guests – Maude, Zak, Fern and Cody

Route – are you kidding!!!!!!!!!

Bill decided that we would get the very best out of this walk if we did it in reverse. This wasn’t a conscious decision – it just sort of happened! We think. Hornby was the place where we first got lost. We then moved on to Lloyn Bridge. That was the place where we couldn’t find the footpath. Next up was Melling. That was the place where were unsure which way to go. We moved on to Wennington. This was where we went off track a bit. We then headed in the direction of Roeburndale and Goodness Knows how but we managed to find it. We turned right here. Or was it left? Well it was one of them. We think. And then we headed on down to Wray. That was the place where we went hopelessly wrong. From there the group then headed off towards Hornby and they should be back any day now.

That was Group 1. Group 2 did an entirely different route. Group 3 did a different route to that and Group 4 sat in the field near Lloyn Bridge for a while, ate their butties then went home!

Only the dogs didn’t get lost!

We are now working on a new waymarker sign for this walk. It has eight arrows pointing in different directions and a question mark in the middle!!!!

Only joking Bill this was another really great walk.

See you all when I get home. Shouldn’t be long now.


P.S. Bill and Norman tested out their brand new hi tech talking compass. It says, "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo"!

Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk Sunday 18th April.

32 people turned up for this strenuous walk at 8am setting off from Horton in Ribblesdale. They came from afar - Norfolk; Leslie from Kendal & young Gordon from Preston!! Ages ranged from 15 to 73. It was the 1st Sunday walk I had led, so I was hoping not to kill anybody off or lose them in Normans bog (thats another story).

There was a nip in the air before the 1st ascent up Phen-y-Ghent, everyone soon warmed up but no view at the top due to mist. We then descended past an interesting dip called Hull Pot.

Following a pleasant lunch break and a nice cuppa at the snack bar base of Whernside, we were ready for the next ascent. Motorbikes were whizzing past!!

Onwards & upwards! we reached the top of Whernside with spectacular views of all 3 peaks.

Down again and another cuppa at the farm house before the final steepest slog up Ingelborough hill. It was painful to pass the only pub, but we all resisted.

I stayed with Gordon & he did great to get up Ingelborough. It was still another 7 miles to Horton, so finished walk at 6.30pm. We had a lovely day, perfect weather, great company, and I`m sure many stiff tired legs this week. I would love to lead this walk again next year, hope to see you all there; well done to Amber and her friend (15) who completed the walk.

Kath Page.
Babbling brook Don't fall in anybody! Kath smiles on Ready for the off! Snap at Ribblehead