A Personal View

June, Peter and Hilary at the AGM
Well, what's to be said about attending the L D W A AGM for the first time? A great experience that's for certain. We all owe our very own master with the Sharp Blades, Reg Kingston, a huge thank you for organising this to nigh on perfection. From the very impressive looking hotel, the staff who looked after us all with friendly courtesy, to the excellent food. Every one is there to have a good time and all come away having made many new friends, even I did! A common comment from the regular attendees was how much they looked forward to meeting up with friends they had made in this way. We arrived early then helped a little with receiving people, issuing badges & welcome packs. Later we attended a small party to celebrate Norman & Betty's golden wedding & Neil's Birthday. All organised by the effervesant Viv in her indomitable fashion. Then down to a slow but enjoyable meal.

The walks the next day were well organised by the local groups, with a great pub stop on the one I was on. There was a choice of soups, several types of sandwiches, excellent coffee and as much as you cared to consume. All this for just Five of our English Pounds. This plus a wide choice of local ales available to be purchased at the bar. It has to be said though, that the second part of the walk was for some reason noticeably harder going than was promised.

An excellent evening meal in good surroundings followed by very entertaining barn dancing under instruction from non other than the editor of Strider, Ken Falconer.

The AGM proper on Sunday morn went smoothly enough until someone proposed a change in the entry rules for the 100 to first come first served. This was allowed to go on far too long, even after one poor man had to be assisted out with low blood sugar levels. More than a few of us were by then beginning to know how he felt! He quickly recovered with the able ministrations of East Lanc's Reg and Viv and the miracle that is sugar. One amusing moment occurred after repeated requests for people to speak louder, Ken Falconer was asked to turn it down.Perhaps he was still in instruction mode. The non binding vote eventually went for first come first served.

What's to be said is; I thoroughly recommend the weekend to all!

Allan Roberts
All together now! And clap your hands! Edith shows the way Jean strutts her stuff