The Pendle Way

By the river Lovely pack horse bridge Queue at the stile Smiling faces
The Pendle Way September 6, 7, 9 and 10

The now established Pendle Walking Festival has come a long way from its first, tentative, beginnings. This is in part due to great input from Roy and Reg.

This year the big event was the whole of the Pendle Way, some 45 miles over 4 days with free transport laid on, it would have been almost rude not to take advantage.

With Roy Davies leading days one and two, assisted by Chris Langabeer, we were in safe hands.

There were 39 walkers registered on the walk and people had come from far and wide to sample the delights of Pendle. I chatted to people from The Isle of Wight, Guernsey, East Sussex, The Isle of Man, Glasgow and Inverness. We all had different capabilities on the hill but Roy and Chris did a stirling job.

The weather was more than kind over the 4 days with the last day being perfect for the climb up and over Pendle Hill; the views were clear, the sun was out, it was stunning, I have never before sat eating lunch on top of Pendle without putting on extra layers.

Perhaps we in the LDWA are spoiled by having our walk leaders so in touch with the group and very knowledgeable about the route and its environs. So much so, it was a bit of a shock having very different leaders on days three and four.

Just one little hiccough with the transport on day two, otherwise the whole event went very well and was most enjoyable.

Pendle Borough did a fine job, may the festival go from strength to strength

Are we there yet? carrying on Down the hill we go Pendle in the sun