Wycoller Hoof Marshall's Walk 13th September

After the disappointment of cancelling the Wycoller Hoof challenge Event it was good to have a chance for members to walk the new short route. Thirteen walker set off from the Morris Dancers Pub opposite Colne Cricket Club in sunny conditions. The route first took us north to Great Edge before turning south towards Wycoller via Laneshaw Bridge. We stopped at the Aisled Barn in Wycoller for the morning stop. The pace was quick due to the decent off Great edge followed by a riverside walk following the Pendle Way which suited a fast pace.

Leaving Wycoller going South towards Boulsworth Hill we passed the Clam Bridge which is over 1000 years old. Bill Taylor remembered it being built...The climb up Boulsworth is a steep one and I lead from the rear. Dave Shepherd and John Singleton raced to the summit and still complained that they are not fit. The weather had become cloudy and windy by now so we continued on to Widdop Road for a lunch time stop following the "new route" off Boulsworth. After lunch the new route across Extwistle Moor proved more troublesome than I thought it would. The grassy tussocks were much larger than when I recced the route in March and made progress unpleasant. The blocked gate I contacted Lancasahire Council about had been renewed so some permanent good as come out of it.

In much improving weather we stopped at Coldwell before walking back to the start in glorious sunshine. Most of the group had a shandy after in the Morris Dancers. Everyone enjoyed the walk and I was pleased to get back walking with the group again after not walking with the group since February. Finally the GPS said 19 miles, with a 4.00pm finish.


Weds Oct 7th, 63 Steps and a Bridge Too Far. 14 miles, moderate. Start 10.00am finish 16.45pm.

22 walkers & 5 excited dogs (one small fat one), turned up on a glorious autumn sunny day at the Blue Lagoon in Belmont. This reservoir is officially known as Wards resevoir on OS maps to the puzzlement of the born & bred Boltonians, but for the Yorkshire man on the walk he found it useful on the internet to find the start!!

This was the first walk I had led so I didn`t know what to expect from my fellow walkers, but time would tell! The first part was a good test as we immediately hit a bog at the bottom of the moors then negotiated our way around the sunlit Blue Lagoon. Past the famous Black Dog at Belmont, then a short section on the road before heading along the Longworth Clough valley following Eagley Brook. For many of the walkers this was virgin territory, past the old paper mill then cutting through Dunscar golf club. We headed up towards Belmont Rd. crossing over into Horrocks Fold farm. Still new territory for some walkers.

We survived the chained dog through Sheephouse farm, before stopping for lunch at Barrow bridge. The lunchtime entertainment was provided by numerous wasps & a very large removal van trying to do a 3 point turn!! much to the applause of everyone.

Then not quite up the 63 steps thanks to Bills alternative route. Some old deaf guy got a bit confused leading some walkers astray on the Christmas Cracker route through the Old Links Golf course.

Two tumbles later from me & Hilary we ended up round High Rid reservoir. Then made our way towards the lower Rivington Barn,the same old guy was still straying onto the Christmas Cracker route!!

Afternoon tea & cakes were much appreciated (plus flushing toilets!). The group then split, the toughies & small fat dog going up & down the steep side of Winter hill, the rest went the pigeon tower way - the race was on!!

Bill was detouring up the Pike despite doing the recce! Dave on his first ever Wednesday walk was doing really well despite a painful knee. We stopped at the top to reflect on the plane crash plaque, picture opportunity. Then a steep drop down to the car park where the other group had beaten us!! Everyone said it was a really enjoyable walk, & it`s not put me off leading others, but I think I`ll tie rope round Norman next time!! & gag him!!

Message from Hilary - new leader Kath put on a really enjoyable local walk and did not even have to be coerced into writing the report. If all East Lancs members could consider leading one walk a year then we would not have a problem in filling our programme, please try and do your bit.
Blue Lagoon reflections Kath with little fat dog and friend Lunchtime Removal Van Ready for the off Round the Blue Lagoon Winter Hill photo