Walking, walking, walking.....

Bill's New Love Lunch Break Over the River Doe Paratrooper Story Skirwith Quarry Start at Clapham Car Park The Bosun's Chair Story The Foot of Whernside



21 walkers and 1 dog set off from Clapham car park on a glorious Sunday morning heading north up past Ingleborough Cave, it was at this point that Norman gave us his story about a German Soldier that had parachuted into Clapham during the second world war and sought solace in a small cave, unfortunately for him he froze to death.We were not in fear of this happening to us as we were all sweating profusely by this time. From this point we made our way up to Gaping Gill where once again Mr Google (Norman) gave us a brief history lesson on this impressive 360ft deep Cavern and how he was lowered down to the Cavern floor in a bosun's chair, all the ladies were very impressed (eat your heart out Mr Bullen).Once we had all got over his bravery we marched on like an army of soldier ants up to little Ingleborogh and after a quick drink stop so everyone could catch their breath we carried on up to its big brother and the cairn at the summit for a much needed tea break, at 2373 feet this was to be our only peak of the day much to the relief of some of the walkers. It was here that Bill caught the eye of a very amorous sheep that took a shine not only to him but his Kettle crisp, you've heard the saying. . . seeing is believing, well you couldn't make this up.

Marching on we headed of the summit of Ingleborough and descended its steepest face, once we had all got down safetly we made our way towards the Old Hill Inn and had our lunch on a grass verge with a view of Whernside for company. All fed and watered we crossed the B6255 road and down Philipin Lane towards the farm where we all admired the suckling piglets while mum lay fast asleep. The road up to the foot of Whernside was the closest we would get to another peak, much to the disappointment of John Howarth, but unfortunately on the day this certanly would have been a peak to far. So onwards we marched through Bruntscar, Ellerbeck and beyond to Scar End to join the path that takes you through the picturesque Waterfalls Walk, We parted company with the tourists at Beezleys Ford and over the stepping stones that guide you over the River Doe, our one and only four legged companion took great pleasure in cooling off at this point.

Our next stop was Skirwith Quarry where we all stood in amazement at the shear size of this magnificent spectacle, well worth a visit on its own as they have made a purpose built viewing platform.

The weather holds for our final leg of the journey but it does'nt go without incident, Peter was charged by a mad cow and Lenny gashed his leg getting over a stone stile, Bill came to the rescue and administered first aid, his fire brigade training coming in useful for once. We made it through the lovely village of Newby without further incident and onto Laithbutts lane which led us back to our starting point in Clapham. Neils first walk as group leader complete and never a foot put wrong. . . WELL DONE!!!

Some of us enjoyed a pint of real ale in the New Inn, Others choose a cup of tea at the cafe, nevertheless it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

A special thankyou to all the new faces that joined us on the day, especially Meena (Apologies if I misspelt your name) who conquered Ingleborough and completed the whole 20 miles whilst awaiting surgery on her knee.

Round Adlington Way, Weds August 12th 7pm, 5 miles, easy. 41 walkers and 2 dogs.

After a lovely day the curse of the barbecue summer struck again as evening approached. The rain started about 6pm and continued all through the walk, just easing off as we returned to the Bay Horse at 9pm.

Still, are we walkers to be deterred? No, this was the ice cream walk, much beloved by many, so 41 people turned out to circle Adlington. This year Reg reversed the route so we quickly gained the golf course which not surprisingly was rather empty. From here we made our way to the A6 and the celebrated stop at Fredericks Ice Cream Parlour. Much deliberation over choice of flavours followed but soon we were on the way again. A few muddy lanes to make sure our shoes and trousers were dirty and wet and some really muddy paths through woodland followed. All too soon we gained the bank of the Reservoir, along a track and made our way up the hill to the welcoming lights of the pub.

This was the last summer walk, the support has been tremendous this year. Thanks to all those who have come along, we hope you have enjoyed the programme and see you all again next year!
Anyone for Golf? Everyone at the start Just one Cornetto...... What mud and rain?