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TWO ROSES WAY – Stage 4 – Linton to Settle (in reverse!) – Wed July 15th 2009

A group of 19 walkers assembled in the main car park in Settle to catch the 9.15 bus to Linton. Unfortunately, this transport didn’t materialise and a change of plan was required. After some discussion between the management team of Norman and Chris, and a telephone call to the ‘bus company’, it was decided that we would reverse the direction of the walk and return by bus from Linton later. This meant that we started the walk with a steep ascent out of Settle which took us beneath the limestone crags of Warrendale Knotts and the caves at Attermire.

Proceeding along the Pennine Bridleway, with good views of Rye Loaf Hill and Kirkby Fell, the weather took a turn for the worse and waterproofs were donned. At this point many of us had visions of the rain encountered on Stage 3! However, well before we reached Malham (and our lunch stop) the sunshine, which apparently had been forecast, arrived and stayed with us for the rest of the day. The duck which had enjoyed Norman’s sandwiches at Malham on the reccie the previous week didn’t put in an appearance on this occasion.

After lunch we had the long gradual ascent on the minor road out of Malham until we reached Weets Top. From there we crossed typical undulating Yorkshire Dales countryside with superb views on either side and ahead of us. The section on the bridleway across Threshfield Moor made for easy walking on a good track and this was followed by a gentle descent into Linton. We arrived shortly after 3 o’clock; too early for the five o’clock bus! Once again the ‘bus company’ was contacted and a 4.15 bus was laid on for us. Although this was a relatively short walk (13 miles) the route took us through some beautiful countryside and was enjoyed immensely by all those who took part.

There was still time before the bus arrived for us to sit outside the Fountain Inn at Linton and enjoy the statutory couple of pints. Time also for one of our number to inform the barmaid that she should be modelling instead of pulling pints! The day was completed by Bill leading what could be loosely described as ‘community singing’ on the bus journey back to Settle.

The Dad's Army Version

It was a slightly depleted army on this stretch of the Two Roses Way. Sargeant Wilson was away on overseas manouvres and Stupid Boy was absent due to injuries sustained whilst on exercises along the Welsh border.This left Captain Mannering in charge and things were bound to happen. They did!

Firstly, the bus went AWOL.The decision was made to reverse the route so Mannering was back to front all day long. He was lost within the first 100 yards, luckily Chris and Ian set us on the right path and away we went over the moors. Mannering's attempts to lead from the front were hampered by him wanting to talk to all the troops including those bringing up the rear, again luckily we had Chris etc etc.

Morning Rations was a wet affair but the right side of the wall sheltered us from the worst. The sun came out before we reached Malham and stayed for the rest of the day. Leading us through a farm, Mannering nearly lost his privates (and I don't mean the people he was leading!) when he disturbed an irate sheep. How high can he jump? Higher than the sheep is the answer. However he redeemed himself by arranging a flypast by the RAF as we made our way to Linton. Top marks Captain!

Extra beer rations were the order of the day at Linton whilst we waited for the bus. Private Taylor kept the barmaid on her toes and the rest of us awake on the return journey to Settle. Perhaps we need to go back and walk this stretch the "proper" way to unconfuse our leader.

Stupid Boy's Mother.
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