Oh, those summer nights!! Tell me more....

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Birtle Breezer Tues 23rd June 2009 – 5 miles

Forty nine people and a dog turned out on Tuesday despite the afternoon rain which luckily cleared to leave a dry evening – though not all dry underfoot!

I had to explain at the start that the pub we were parked at – the Church Inn at Birtle (or Bircle??) had been closed for a few weeks. There was much sobbing, but everybody cheered up when the alternative arrangements with the Pack Horse in Birtle were made clear.

It was a route of varied terrain, with tracks, thickly wooded valleys, field paths and lanes, with some steep bits. One walker was moved to comment that she’d been on the walk last time and had thought it was easy but she had now changed her mind. Perhaps ‘moderate’ would be more accurate.

We had fine views of the Scout Moor wind turbines which now of course tend to overshadow the views of Knowl Hill. We then had stunning views looking out over the steep sided valley of Cheesden Brook which was worth a pause (so long as you didn’t grab the electric fence nearby whilst you were distracted!)

We then carried on past the former Normandie restaurant (now luxury homes) at Old Birtle before heading back along the lanes and through the quarry to the end, whence some of us sampled the liquid refreshments at the Pack Horse, which I can also recommend for the food.

Barbara Shelton

Affetside Amble

Tuesday 30th June. 5.1 miles, 40 walkers, 4 dogs, no children.

Start 19.00, in the pub by 21.00

Being told that the all time classic, Puffing Billy is now old hat, sparked off a short sulk, I of course bounced back and press ganged Lucy to help me recce this new walk from The Pack Horse.

The walk down to Jumbles and on to Turton Bottoms was the easy bit, sorting out a route back to Affetside was more of a challenge.

The night itself was perfect, a short, sharp shower blew over just before the off leaving bright sunshine and clear skies. The farmer who the week before had promised to clean up his yard for us, failed miserably, sorry folks, but the wet grass in the last field managed to clean all the shoes.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it……………….but, would they have enjoyed Puffing Billy more?

Thanks to my glamorous assistants, Lucy, Denise and Sheila for their stirling efforts as back markers.

Peter at Affetside Cross Peter at Jumbles Sweetie Time Who's walking who?