East Lancs Cooks Again

Under the Banner
Wessex 100 Breakfast Stop

Checkpoint 9 Rowlands Castle 60.9 miles

East Lancs seem to have a reputation within the LDWA of manning a breakfast stop with ruthless efficiency. So much so, that in 2008, when we were asked to do something else many shook their heads in disbelief.

However, we were soon back doing what we do best, running the best checkpoint on the event.

With the staffing levels rather lower than ideal we gathered in the far South ready for action. After seeing off the 488 starters from Eggars school in Alton, we left to take our position in Rowlands Castle Parish Hall. We arrived at 11.30 and immediately erected the East Lancs banner above the door, then took it down and put it back up, this time straight. Feeling more at home we put the kettle on, only for the first of three van loads of breakfast bags to arrive.

With all the preparation done we went to the pub for a well earned meal at 18.30. Returning at 20.30 I thought I would grab a crafty half hour lie down, just then, the food arrived.

The opening time of 23.30 came and went without a soul appearing, the first walker/jogger came in at 00.27 and after that it was a steady stream with the occasional mad rush for the next 13 hours. Out of 450 odd people through we managed to record all but 3, these had somehow been through without our knowledge. They were tracked down by Raynet and we could close ops just after 13.45.

All we had to do then was tidy up and put the Parish Hall back together.

So, we have been asked, nay, told to be back on parade in Scotland next May. Will it be porridge and deep fried Mars bars, who knows? Why not find out by coming along. A couple of extra bodies would give us all a chance for an hours rest during the long shift.

Think about it.