Two Roses Way Part 2

At the Beginning.... Having a Rest Homeward Bound Whither shall we wander?

Two Roses Way. Part 2. Gisburn to Lothersdale.


Twenty Wednesday Regulars plus a few new faces boarded our sturdy little  coach at Lothersdale. After what seemed a long journey over some big hills we arrived safely in Gisburn.The weather surprised us as contrary to the forecast the sun came out as we climbed Weets Hill via Coalpit Lane.The fields were lush and full of wild flowers.Swallows and swifts flew overhead and it had a feel of summer at last.

Pausing at Weets House, to let Reg catch up, and to take a drinks break we admired the views of the Yorkshire Dales, Trough of Bowland Hills and round to Pendle Hill and over to Boulesworth Hill.Well worth the climb!

The wonderful scenery and the magic of walking continued as we descended to Whitemore Reservoir and down to the Leeds Liverpool Canal where just beyond this we had lunch.

Sadly at this point it did start to rain for a short while. The climb up and over to Kelbrook Wood warmed us up and weather proofs were removed. The route took us cross country past Copy House and onto the road at West Hainslack.From here we remained on the road to Lothersdale via Hawshaw Hill.

Arriving at 2.30pm we enjoyed the hospitality of the Hare and Hounds until it closed at 3.30pm.Despite more road walking than we normally like most of us agreed the elevated route with stunning views more than made up for the road walking. Further for many of us it was our first visit to this charming part of Yorkshire. Norman cannot take this away from you June!


The Dad’s Army Version

Action at last as our brave little troupe came under fire for the very first time. It soon became apparent that we had wandered past a firing range but for a few very frightening moments it seemed real enough. At the first sound of gunfire Captain Mannering took immediate evasive action and, shouting “send the women in first”, he hid behind a rock. The phrase “he traveled faster than a speeding bullet” seems most apposite. When it was pointed out that perhaps a commanding officer should be leading from the front, he countered that “front “and “back” are relative terms and should we be attacked from the rear he would be best placed to weigh up the situation. (What wisdom! That is why he is an officer and we are just fit to be led). As the initial panic began to subside the troops took shelter and much-needed refreshments under a tree whilst Sergeant Wilson bravely went on a solo mission in search of the ‘munitions dump, well certainly the word dump was mentioned! Chris once again did a sterling job in booking the transport and the experience of traveling on a vehicle with the entire suspension system removed could one day prove invaluable. Private Taylor is proving a useful acquisition and is certainly keeping his comrades on their toes, especially the female ones!

Stupid Boy