An Ideal Trail

Marker along the way The Official Start
Wednesday March 25th saw 7 intrepid wanderers setting off on the Sandstone Trail. Thanks to Mike Harrington who kindly transported us complete with packs to Frodsham ready to pose before the official start. From here it was straight up the hill to the War Memorial and the first of many spectacular views, this one across the Mersey Estuary. Delamere Forest was soon reached; further on the highly recommended Summertrees Teashop provided a welcome respite from the strong winds. It seemed that Beeston castle appeared very quickly on the horizon but like many a false summit, it was some time before we actually reached it.

Beeston castle was our half way point and after a good meal and night's rest we left the following morning ready for the second day. It was a roller coaster start with Peckforton, Bulkeley, Rawhead, Bickerton and Larkton hills to climb. The effort was well worth it with magnificent views in all directions. Even short sharp showers couldn't spoil the occasion. The route then continues through farmland with many different animals to encounter. We saw racehorses training, cattle (a calf was born as we passed!) sheep and lambs but the star was the llama which chased Bill and Norman at Sharp farm.

On reaching the canal we paused to sample the wares at Willey Moor Lock Inn. From here it was an hour along the canal to Whitchurch, spotting a parrot aboard a barge on the way. Journey's end meant a welcome brew before catching the train to Manchester.

The Sandstone Trail is ideal for those wishing to sample a longer walk. The signage is second to none, markers constantly point the way, the yellow sign with a black footprint became very familiar.The only disappointment was the end, there is a Sandstone arch which marks the finish but this is not clearly marked. The route itself is varied both in scenery and terrain with lots to admire - some stunning property is passed. Try it for yourself sometime.
Top of Larkton hill
Along the Canal Approaching Peckforton Castle Descending from Larkton The Official Finish