Wandering on......

Cloud Trio, where next? Descending Cloud I wonder what the joke is? Start at Rushton Spencer Steam train passes by Top of the Cloud
Sunday March 15th Leader Reg Kingston. 15 mls. Start 9.00am Rushton Spencer. Finish 3.00pm. The hills of North Staffordshire were an hour away on what was a lovely Spring day. 14 walkers set off from the secluded car park along the Staffordshire Way. Leaving the railway track as it joins the Gritstone Trail the route crossed the fields to the River Dane and then climbed steadily to the summit of the Cloud. Here,using the Topograph to identify them,landmarks such as Jodrell Bank, the Welsh Hills and the various Staffordshire Hills were clearly seen. Descending, we passed scores of children and their parents on the way to the top. A Sunday outing on a grand scale raising money for comic relief. Passing through the small park at Timbersbrook we crossed fields to the former Potteries loop line, now a footpath/bridleway. The surface is compacted to support walkers, cyclists and horse riders all of which were using it. Ascending, we left the Staffordshire Way and Gritstone Trail as it approached Biddulph, the "Flower town" of Staffordshire. Spring floweres were everywhere. After resting for lunch in Biddulph Country park we continued upwards to Biddulph Moor. The ridge allows views to the east over the Cheshire Plains and to the west over the Staffordshire hills and countryside. A remarkable spot. Descending across fields, a litle muddy in parts,we viewed a few badger sets and continued through woods to arrive at Rudyard lake. Here we took afternoon tea and some of us beer at the Rudyard Hotel. Spurred on by the whistle of the minature steam engine we walked alongside the lake enjoying views of sailing boats and rowing eights. A real Sunday afternoon atmosphere. Bill became very excited as the steam train raced by! Eventually reaching the Knot Inn we further refreshed ourselves to complete a jolly Sunday outing. Thanks to all those who supported this "modified" Sunday walk. Wednesday March 25th Leader Geoff Halliwell. 14 miles, easy. Start 10.00am Pack Horse, Affetside. Anyone who can find a footpath around Bolton that John Crook doesn't know deserves extra points and Geoff managed it!!! The start augured badly though. We met up at the Pack Horse Affetside and driving cold rain in gale force winds had many of us wishing we'd stayed in bed. Almost reluctantly we made a start and pretty soon we were glad we did. The sun shone on the righteous, which on the day, was most of us. Geoff took the "wrong way" round part of the Two Crosses, over to Turton and Entwistle and stood on guard so that no one slipped off into the Strawberry Duck. Back through Edgworth, round Jumbles and return to the start only to find that the Pack Horse was shut! Still the thirsty souls made their way to Jumbles cafe for a brew. Yet another really good walk which was enjoyed by 16 people and 3 dogs.
Enjoying a chat Moorland walking Outside the Pack Horse Will this bridge bear our weight?