2009 continues.....

Icy water Into the Gloom Look for Stoodley Pike magnificent views Norman loses the bet Snow, what snow?
Wednesday February 11th . Leader Andy Griffin. 14 mls. Moderate. Start 10.20am Hurstwood Reservoir. Finish 3.40pm.

Sixteen intrepid walkers walked to Widdop one Wednesday,

We had all hoped for sunshine instead it was foggy and grey.

The paths were snowy and icy,

But great company kept the gloom at bay.

We slipped and squelched to Widdop past Gorple and Blake Dean

before the fog lifted and glorious views were seen.

Finally at Worsthorne the sun began to shine,

So Norman lost a £1 bet and Reg said "Ahh, that's mine".

Sunday February 22nd . Leader June "she's not a bad egg for a Yorkie" Reeder. 18 mls. Moderate. Start 9.00am Grassington. Finish 3.00pm.

Another great day with eighteen attendees and two dogs. This was a cracking walk - June even got the sun to shine on us. A start and finish in beautiful Grassington and some breathtaking scenery to marvel at all the way round. The falls at Linton are quite stunning and the trek alongside the old lead mine workings had us all full of admiration for the men, boys and girls who centuries ago must have had to brave all weathers to work them. June showed admirable leadership qualities, resolutely ignoring several wimpish pleas of "surely it's time for a butty" to head for her designated lunchtime stop. As stone walls go it was, well, a stone wall!!!! Not a point to be taken off her for content, conditions, pace nor weather. In the lovely little cafe in Grassington she faced the ultimate test - "what do you think Norman?" We all waited with bated breath, June looked worried (she almost reached for her purse), then the Oracle spoke, "She did alright." High praise indeed!!!

Guests on the day - Steve, Lucy, Judi and Ruth.
Barbara leads the way Going up.... Group at Grassington John with his dogs June leads the way smiling John