Two Crosses Challenge Event

Two Crosses Challenge Event. Sunday March 15th 2020.


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Each year we host a 17 and 25 mile challenge event. Both routes visit the Roman Cross at Affetside and the Pilgrim's cross on Holcombe Moor above the Rossendale Valley.


NEW VENUE – East Lancs LDWA – 35th Two Crosses Event – 15th March 2020 – NEW VENUE


Due to the closure of the Laurel Play Centre in Tottington, we have moved the event to -


Greenmount Old School Community Centre BL8 4DS.


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2020 Two Crosses Route Description.






This move has given the club access to larger rooms and an excellent kitchen, so we can maintain our renowned event catering standards.  The centre is also on the current event route, so only a minor route alteration is required.


Amended Route Description and GPX files are now available above.


We look forward to seeing you at our new venue for the 35th Two Crosses event on Sunday 15th March 2020.


The photos below are from the event held on March 17th 2019.



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Two Crosses Circuit


Whilst many people have done the Two Crosses multiple times, there are those that may be new to the event.  Here is an idea of what there is to look forward to along the way…

Starting out from Greenmount Old School the route goes along the disused railway track and through Tottington.  Between stables, via a mound of horse poop and then over fields to Affetside and the first of the two ‘crosses’.  This one is believed to be of medieval origin.  Information boards at the cross give a brief history.  Dropping down then to walk around Jumbles reservoir (Toilets) and then past the pill box to reach Turton tower and more importantly checkpoint 1.  Here you will meet the first of the marvellous marshals brandishing scissors to clip tally cards.  Cross the railway line via the castellated bridge to join the Witton weavers Way.  Another set of marshals will greet you at the cut off point.  Here 25 milers will continue ahead, 17 milers will turn off to reach the wonders of checkpoint 4, more about that later…

The long route, after a brief road section, climbs over a rather lumpy overgrown section, before dropping to reach the A666 and Checkpoint 2.  The next section includes a steep drop and climb to cross a gully.  (Feel free to adopt the ‘Tennant method’ for this bit – hold onto the fence and shimmy down on your backside) Once back up on the other side the route passes through fields and then track to Checkpoint 3.  Another climb follows before gently dropping back to reach the road and then into the woods to reach Entwistle reservoir.  Skirting round the edge of the reservoir the far end promises…drum roll please…checkpoint 4.  Once you have had your tally clipped you are free to enjoy the tasty, plentiful, delights on offer.  Suitably refreshed, you will then pass the Strawbury Duck and Entwistle railway station.  Dropping down through woods to the edge of Wayoh Reservoir and back up to meet Moorside Road, at the end of which you will find Orrell Cote Farm and Checkpoint 5.  (Watch out, Brussel Sprouts have been known to be left on the stile at the back of the farm)  Over Stanley Hill to reach the road.  Continue along into Crowthorn and then up past the maggot farm towards Holcombe Moor.  Cross Wet Moss (don’t ask how the car got up there) and go around Bull Hill to meet the brave, hardy souls at checkpoint 6.  Continue over the moor to reach the second cross – Pilgrim’s Cross and then Peel tower.  Drop down through Redisher Wood, using the new steps that have been put in.  (New for 2020 – UPDATE – More steps are on the way thanks to a joint funding effort between East Lancs and the NEC of the LDWA, Bury Council and the Ramblers)  Onwards to Spenleach lane and checkpoint 7.  The end is in sight!  Pass the Emu and his aviary friends, Greenmount Golf Club and Tottington.  Then reach Greenmount Old School and the Finish!  Don’t forget to check in at the finish desk before enjoying some homemade soup and a very well deserved rest.




Other pictures from previous Two Crosses Events and Marshal's walks.