April Ambles

After 'Dingley dell' Glorious Day Glorious views (not Norman!) Inside the chapel Outside the chapel Start at Laneshaw Bridge Struggling in 'Dingley Dell' The long and winding road.... Washing the mud off our boots Where's Jane? At Wycoller

Weds April 6th. Pendle Way Part 3. Laneshaw Bridge - Reedley

Twenty one members turned out for the third leg of John Pickton's four stage circuit of the Pendle Way, led by John on his birthday. We were rewarded with an excellent 12.5 mile walk from Laneshaw Bridge to Reedley, near Brierfield in bright Spring sunshine.

Signs of Spring were everywhere, starting with a glorious display of daffodils to form a backdrop for the team photo at Laneshaw Bridge. Once the noise of those clamouring to be allowed to write this report had died down, John led us off through Wycoller and followed the Pendle Way to the track under Boulsworth Hill. Suddenly we turned sharp right, leaving the smooth tarmac road of the Pendle Way and embarking on an interesting scenic diversion along paths deep in mud, complete with overhanging tree branches and steep slippery slopes. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it really.

Once back on the track we followed the Pendle Way towards the Coldwell reservoirs and activity centre, except for Dave who worked off some of his youthful energy by running up to the top of Boulsworth Hill and back. He rejoined the rest of the party just in time for a lengthy lunch break at the activity centre, where I am told scones and clotted cream were on offer in the Tea Rooms.

As we were ready to leave, Norman emerged from said Tea Rooms to lead a spirited (well almost) chorus of Happy Birthday to You for John and for Hilary, who had celebrated her ??th birthday the day before. (21 yet again - H)

The next stretch took us down Catlow Brook to Catlow and then over to Southfield Farm, with its Methodist chapel housed in a barn. The lady in charge was so charmed by some of our elder members that she opened the chapel for us to look inside.

From Southfield Farm the home stretch took us down to the Walverden Reservoir and over Nelson golf course to end the walk with a striking change of scenery in the terraced streets of Reedley and Brierfield.


Weds April 20th. Salford Trail Part 4. 10 miles from Irlam Station. Leader: Allan Roberts. 16 hot walkers and 1 very hot dog.

Mmmmm, April, Salford, it may not sound very inspiring but on the day who would have thought that? At one point Moira likened the scenery and the heat to Australia! With Reg away on International duty it was left to Allan to lead this part of the Trail.

We left Irlam and were waved at by a whole group of schoolchildren who looked very bemused to be given this order. It was surprising how soon we were in the country, back near the turf farm on the moss and a world away from the traditional image of Salford. Trees were in blossom, butterflies were spotted and it was very hot!

The trail led across peatland which is being harvested; we did manage to lose the author of the Salford Trail at this point but were reunited further on the way. The trail does follow part of the Timberland Way and we walked in Salford with Cheshire across the river. Lunch was taken with some of us seeking the cool in a shady part of this county with others enjoying the heat of the city.

We passed at least two old Halls and heard some of the history of the buildings. All too soon we reached the ship canal which looked lovely and cool. There was some road walking to return to Irlam but the sight of an old steam engine was a welcome diversion. A most enjoyable day, thanks to all who came.

Please see below to a link kindly supplied by Alan Rayner. What lovely photos, you would not think you were in Salford at all! Alan has also written a blog about the walk, the link is below.






Across the Peat Back into Irlam Manchester Ship Canal Shame its not working! Start at the Station Through the glade Warrington's over there! Wonderful Acers