March Meanderings

Double Rainbow Group at start of walk Heading towards Laneshaw Bridge Heading towards the wimps Lunch stop Making new friends Queue for the stile Wimps
Barnoldswick to Laneshaw Bridge. - Pendle Way Pt 2 Weds March 9th.

20 people 14 mls Ldr : Commander John Pickton

Well if the Pendle Witches had taken off in the weather we experienced on Wednesday they would have been blown halfway across the North Sea before they could utter “Ubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble”! What a day! “Bracing” is perhaps the polite term but it’s not the one we used on the day.

As ever the event was superbly organised by Commander Pickton, despite different factors conspiring to make it difficult for him. Firstly the meeting place, a public house named the Emmott Arms, had changed management and the new tenants were moving in on the day plus all their workmen were there doing renovations. Thankfully John had sussed out an alternative venue just up the road a piece. Our transport arrived and off we set for Barnoldswick seeing us underway walking on the dot of ten o’clock. Linda “Rip Van Winkle” Jane had preferred her bed to travelling on the coach with Bill so was rather late. John B waited for her and they caught the main party up at the excellent refreshments hut at Greenberfield Locks. John had asked a member of the local constabulary if he had spotted a party of ugly, unkempt walkers and received the instant reply “I certainly have – there they are scoffing coffee and biscuits.” The lovely lady had put out plates and plates of biscuits and as much tea and coffee as we could drink for £1 a head.

Still there was a walk to do and off we went up the Leeds/ Liverpool Canal touching on Thornton-in-Craven, passing Gill Hall and the stunning St Mary Le Gill Church and on into Earby. Lunch was taken in the grounds or café depending on personal choice of the Lead Mining Museum – a place for a future leisure visit for all of us.

Beyond Earby Youth Hostel we were off across Kelbrook Moor with the weather deteriorating rapidly, culminating in heavy hailstone accompanied by beautiful rainbows. John’s extensive research had revealed the original route dropped down into Harden Clough but unfortunately some sciving foot soldiers earned his displeasure by staying on the newer top route. Still no problem we were soon all together again and ready to brave the wind and rain, which just began to clear as we got back to the Emmott Arms.

Another good day out Commander – well done!

Sun & Wind Walk

20 March 2011

13 miles

10.00 – 15.15

19 walkers and 2 dogs

It has been said before………”There is always one.” Well there was this time, one walker rang at 10.00 on the dot as we were leaving the car park to tell me we were all at the wrong car park. After the traditional team photo Hilary volunteered to wait for the only chap in the right car park to catch us up while the rest of us sauntered up to the impressive structure of the M62 Rakewood Viaduct. Once we were all together we pushed on a little to combat the biting cold wind blowing in from Yorkshire.

The mist / fog never cleared all day so we put in all that effort for little or no reward. My comments about the stunning 360 Degree views were starting to wear thin so I shut up and got on with leading the group along the Pennine Bridleway to pick up the Pennine Way to White Hill then over the M62 to Blackstone Edge, where we closed our eyes and imagined the magnificent view across Lancashire to the Cheshire plain and the Welsh mountains beyond. They are all there……………honest.

Before I get a summons from the Trades Description people I must explain the name. The Sun & Wind refer not to the weather elements but to names on the OS map, Windy Hill and Sun End.

Anyway, down hill all the way now from the Aigin Stone to the Tearoom at Hollingworth Lake.

Thanks to all those who said they had enjoyed the walk.

Across the M62 Admiring the views (!) At Hollingworth Lake Do we need passports???? Down to the reservoir Up in the mist