Annual General Meeting 2016

FIRST SNOWS                     





Held on: 23rd October 2016 at 17:00

The Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck



Andy Armstrong (Walks Secretary), Helen Beatham, Neil Beatham (Events Secretary), Roger Burgin, Jim Crockett (Treasurer), Tony Deall (Chairman), Clare Edgar, Dave Evans, Pat Evans, Paul Hatcher, Louise Smith (Group Secretary), Martyn Smith, Barbara Young


Barrie Blenkinship, Ann Crockett, Mark Hawker


These were read and agreed as a true record.


There were no matters arising.


Copy Attached.

Tony reported that the group was beginning its 29th year.  He has not been able to join as many of the walks as usual over the past year for a variety of reasons.  He expressed hope that the group would establish a successor event to the Three Rings of Shap, which sadly had to be cancelled for 2016.  He is part of the organising committee for the 2019 Hundred in Northumberland and encouraged members of the group to support the event.  He will continue to oversee the group’s website.


Copy Attached.

Louise reported that 2016 has been a quiet year for the group, without the focal point of the Three Rings.  She suggested that it had been an opportunity to reflect upon a successor event and that it would be desirable for the group to once again have a presence on the LDWA challenge event scene.  Membership stands at 35 and of these approximately 15 are active members.  The monthly walks during the past year have offered variety, which she felt was important in making the group attractive to potential new members.  She highlighted the potential of the website as a means of promoting the group’s activities.  An appeal was made for members to lead walks for the group.


Copy attached.

Andy gave an overview of the past year’s walks and thanked the walk leaders.  He made a request for each group member to lead a walk and suggested that dates can be flexible where necessary.  Jim offered to lead a second walk for 2017 and Tony offered to lead the 2017 AGM walk.


Copy Attached.

Jim reported that the balance of £1699.36 at the start of the year has now decreased to £1481.44 due to the cancellation of SPORTIdent (a decrease of £217) One competitor had given back his £25.00 entry fee for the Three Rings.

A donation of £15.00 had been sent to the Great North Air Ambulance Service

Paul reported that no money had been received from the Helm Wind Anytime Challenge

Discussion took place about the cancellation charge made by SPORTIdent.  Neil reported that the charge was 6% plus VAT and not £1.00 per competitor.

Tony suggested that there were sufficient funds in the account to run a new event, as there had been few outgoings.


Discussion took place regarding suitable organisations to which we could make a donation.  It was agreed to donate £50 to Penrith Mountain Rescue from the group funds.


Jim now has all the Group equipment in storage, including two microwave ovens, a gas bottle and cooker. He will make a list of the items.  He still has badges for the Three Rings (1 Ring, 67; 2 Rings, 51 and 3 Rings, 81 total: 199).  It was agreed that we should charge for badges ordered by people completing the Rings as an anytime challenge.


All the current officers were prepared to stand for another year and were re-elected unanimously.  Proposed by Paul Hatcher and seconded by Dave Evans:

Chairman:                 Tony Deall
Group Secretary:      Louise Smith
Treasurer:                 Jim Crockett
Walks Secretary:      Andy Armstrong
Events Secretary:     Neil Beatham
Quartermaster:          Jim Crockett


Report attached.

Neil reported on the cancellation of the 2016 event, due to insufficient entries to make the event viable.  He reported that two groups have expressed interest in running the event in 2017; Glyn Rose and Wayne Singleton, who assisted with the 2015 event and also a group of local people, headed by Robert Cullen.  Neil has put the two groups in contact with each other.

A discussion followed regarding a Cumbria LDWA successor event. General concern was expressed regarding the new groups’ ability to continue the Three Rings in its existing format, given the complex nature of the event and the groups’ relative inexperience in running events.  It was agreed that it would be difficult for Cumbria LDWA to use the ‘Three Rings’ name for the new event or even for the route to be left as an ‘anytime challenge’ under this name.  Tony suggested that we ask the new group to give their event a different name.

Paul suggested offering a different ring each year as a day event.  This would only require one checkpoint and make the catering easier.  It was generally agreed that a day event was the way forward.  Discussion took place regarding the target group for the event and the possibility of using a new area.  It was acknowledged that the latter would involve a great deal of work.  Paul offered to look into catering requirements if other members were prepared to assist with sourcing and providing catering on the day.  There was a discussion on commitment to a new event and the majority of those present agreed that they were prepared to assist.  Louise suggested that a committee meeting be arranged in the near future to discuss the new event further and agreed to set this up.

AWAY WEEKEND 2017/2018:

Jim reported a successful trip to Northern Ireland and a report is on the website.  Due to other commitments, he is not able to organise a group trip for 2017.  There were no offers from any group members.  Tony suggested that if anyone is prepared to organise a trip, they should contact Louise. 


1)  Andy reported that he had received unsolicited emails from an organisation named ‘’, who had added the details of his walk for November 2016 to their website.  He felt that this type of advertising was inappropriate and could lead to many non-LDWA walkers turning up at the start.  Paul suggested that he should make enquiries with the National Committee to establish whether they were aware of, their website and activities.  Andy agreed to contact the National Committee.

2) 2017 Hundred.  Paul enquired whether Cumbria LDWA had any involvement.  Tony suggested that Northumbria LDWA were running a checkpoint and were looking for additional help.  Paul agreed to contact Northumbria LDWA regarding assistance required.

3) Helm Wind Challenge.  Pat requested further details about the Helm Wind Challenge and Paul explained how it worked as an ‘anytime challenge’.  He suggested it would be useful to offer it as a group social walk, which would provide an opportunity to check the grid references for the route.  Neil offered to lead this walk for the group between May and December 2017.


The next AGM will take place on Sunday 29th October, venue to be confirmed.    

The meeting closed at 18:31



SIGNED ……M L SMITH (Group Secretary)…



 Welcome again to what is, I believe, the start of our 29th year in existence. I have only been a member of the Group for the last 14 years so for details of events prior to that you will have to consult more senior members. As befits the role of Chairman I have little to report - thus following faithfully in the footsteps of my predecessor. For various reasons I have not walked much with the Group this year but I am sure we will soon learn more about the interesting monthly walks which have been enjoyed. I would like to thank Louise for taking over the Group Secretary’s role from me and for organising this evening so well. Thanks also to the other Committee members for their work and commitment over the last year. Jim continues to look after our financial health and Andy has taken to organising our monthly walk like a duck to water. Sadly, despite Neil’s best efforts, the Three Rings of Shap had to be cancelled and we may wish to discuss a possible successor later on this evening.

 I am happy to continue to look after the group’s website and to input Walk reports and other items as necessary.

 Finally it is worth mentioning that I am on the Organising Committee of the Hadrian Hundred which will be delivered by our neighbours in Northumbria in 2019. This is obviously a major project and I would like to urge as many of you as possible to consider being involved with this if only by considering a commitment on the Event weekend.



 2016 has generally been a quiet year for the group, without the focal point of the Three Rings.  However, it has provided an opportunity to reflect upon the possibility of a successor event, a topic which we will be able discuss further tonight.  It would be good for Cumbria LDWA to once again offer a challenge event within the wider LDWA events calendar.

 With regard to membership, we currently have 35 people on the group list and 99 on the website list but the reality is that we have a core of approximately 15 members who attend monthly walks on a regular or occasional basis.  Our newest member is Pete, who has joined us on two recent walks.

 Our monthly walks have taken advantage of the wealth of excellent walking country, which we are so fortunate to have close at hand.  The walks have taken us to the Lakeland Fells, Hadrian’s Wall and the Border Country, the North Pennines and the environs of Shap, with a foray into Northumberland, courtesy of Martyn.

 Thanks to Andy, in his first year as Walks Secretary, for co-ordinating another successful walks programme for the past year.  An equally varied programme awaits us for 2017 as we have walks in the diary up to April. 

 It is important to offer this variety both to the current membership but also to attract prospective new members, whose first experience of the group might be our website.  New members bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm and this assists in keeping the group vibrant.  A good range of walks will help to attract people looking for walking groups and opportunities in the area, as well as attracting members of other LDWA groups. 

 On that note, as we are a small group, any offers from members to lead walks would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to members who have led walks over the past year and thanks also to Jim for organising the Northern Ireland trip, which was the fifth group trip that the he has arranged.

 The website provides a chronicle of the walks and trips away and thanks go to Tony for continuing to oversee the site.

 Finally, we look forward to a successful 2017 and long may the group flourish.



This year has seen a decrease in our funds from £1699.36 to £1,1481.44

 This is due to a charge from Sport Ident of £217.92 following the cancellation of 2016 Three  Rings of Shap Event

 There has been no money received from Helm Wind Challenge Walk this year.

 There was a credit of £25.00 from a Three Rings Entrant who kindly returned his refunded payment to our bank account by direct transfer.

 A £15 payment was made to Great North Air Ambulance for raffle tickets.

 After taking this expenditure into account, our bank balance has decreased by  £217.92 on last year.



The Three Rings Of Shap event held last year on Saturday 13 June 2015 was a resounding success.  The dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteer team were instrumental to this as was the use of SPORTident’s timing and results solution.  There was very positive feedback spanning the whole spectrum of participants.  Unfortunately, total entries were 138 and this resulted in a financial deficit.

 For 2016 we increased entry fees to test the future viability of the event.  Cumbria LDWA is a small Group with few active members necessitating more outsourcing of tasks to ensure a successful running of the event.  We came to a critical time in April when a decision on the 2016 event had to be made before the commitment of significant expenditure.  The Cumbria LDWA Committee reluctantly came to the view that given the number of entries (76) the risk to Cumbria LDWA funds was too great and we should cancel the 2016 event, which was to be held on Saturday 18 June 2016.  All entry fees were fully refunded.

 It has been concluded that the Three Rings Of Shap is not financially viable in its current form.  A manual timing solution could be re-introduced if we moved to say a one-day event of around 25 miles.  It would seem that the classic 100 km ‘blood, sweat and tears’ event for the hard-core LDWA aficionados has run its natural course.

 Two groups have expressed an interest in continuing the Three Rings Of Shap independent of the Cumbria LDWA.  The first is Glyn Rose and Wayne Singleton, who assisted in the running of the 2015 event.  The second is local Shap people, headed by Robert Cullen, who may hold a walk / race in September / October 2017 on a similar route and similar name, even possibly the same name.  The activity would be planned and implemented by local people.  I have put the two groups in contact with each other.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony Deall, Barrie and Barbara Blenkinship in particular for their efforts and dedication in successfully managing the Three Rings Of Shap from 2005 to 2014 inclusive.