Ambling Around Ampleforth


Ambleing Around Ampleforth - Saturday 29th September


It was a very good forecast for Gordons Helmsley- Ampleforth walk. 15 people turned up at start and at least half a dozen were from other groups, it was nice to see other people for a chat.

The walking was easy going and at a nice leisurely pace. Just before Ampleforth a flighty horse by itself in a field appeared from nowhere, nibbled Gordon on the arm and nearly knocked him over and then made a beeline for Carol, who it obviously thought was its mate!  It was quite persistent in knocking people around but over a short distance we managed to climb over a stile and away.

Arriving ten minutes later outside of Ampleforth we had lunch on a grassy bank at the side of the road, enjoying the warm sunshine.  We climbed out of Ampleforth and up over the fields to then begin the descent to Sproxton towards Helmsley.  We returned via a fish farm and riverside paths back to Helmsley whereby a few of us went into a café for tea and cake. 

Mileage was a little over 15 miles and approx 2000ft assent, taking 6 hours. All in all, the people from other groups seemed to enjoy our company and will hopefully join us again.

Julie Petherbridge


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