Minutes of August 2018 Meeting

Minutes of Meeting held 8/8/2018

 Present 9 Members

Apologies for Absence: Alan Robertson: Ken Wilson


Welcomed everyone to the meeting.


The Local Groups Meeting is on November 16-18th in Gillingham.  Secretary wont be attending, but if anyone else wishing to represent our Group, get in touch with Albert.


£2797 funds in the bank account.

Terry was offered re-imbursement for the food bought for HSL social walk, which he refused.

Walk Secretary:

Seafield - Antons walk from Whitby wasn’t reported on as nobody at the meeting had attended, but from the website report, it had been a good day, with members from other Groups attending.

Hanging Stone Leap Social Walk – 19 members, 9 on short route, 10 on long route. Good weather, fantastic support from Terry and team.

It was agreed to put the HSL social walk on again in our social walks calendar.

Next Social Walk – Saturday 1st September from Piercebridge C15miles.

Walks needed for January – April 2019 programme.


Chairman asked whether under the GDPR rules we had permission to send members bulk emails. Eva confirmed that members were given the option of opting out of receiving bulk emails.


Northumberland 100.

Eva Confirmed Cleveland Group is doing a checkpoint on The Hadrian’s 100 on Saturday 25th May 2019, running C.P.1. At Newbrough Town Hall, Hexham, GR NY 874679 which opens at 10.45am closing at 15.30. Saturday.

Volunteers: Tom & Carol; Vince & Pat; Terry, Alan & Ken; Dave W;   Dave F; Albert & Eva; Marilyn & Anton; Jill.

Albert & Eva will be visiting the C.P. with Ian Lauriston on 23rd August to check out facilities.  Eva requested suggestions from the Group on the sort of things we should be checking on.

No of Rooms: Equipment – boiler, crockery: cutlery; toilet facilities: seating: tables: chairs: floor covering (in case of bad weather): car parking: internet connection – PACER.

Some idea of food we will be serving

Meeting closed at approximately 8.35pm.