Minutes of June 2018 Meeting

Minutes of Meeting held 13/6/2018

 Present 11 Members


Apologies for Absence: Dave Wain


No report


List passed round for mobile numbers, which Eva will circulate.

Email received from John Carter thanking the Group for the £50.00 donation, John has confirmed he would be happy to give us another slideshow presentation on his photographs of other areas of Scotland.

Email from Northumbria Group asking for volunteers on 23rd June to help with Durham Dales Challenge, anyone able to help please let me know at the end of the meeting.

Congratulations to Dave on completing his 25th 100, a magnificent achievement. Well done Dave.


Nothing to report, funds same as last month.

Walk Secretary:

Dave asked Terry to give a brief resume on Antons Joint walk with North Yorkshire group, 10 people on the walk, two opted for a shorter route.

Walk on 16th June, cancelled as previously notified to the Group via bulk email.

Next walk July 14th – Seafield – 20miles from Whitby.

Albert unfortunately confirmed that he would be unable to lead the short HSL on 4th August.  Dave thinks Bob could lead, to be confirmed.


Nothing to report.


Afoot in 2 Dales

Nick Ford has been in touch regarding checkpoint 2 which Cleveland is running.

Would like some of us there by 9.00 when they will set up the checkpoint for us.

We are serving Cold drinks and snacks.

Jill King will collect checkpoint paperwork from HQ

When the checkpoint is stood down, Nicks team will remove the equipment and take back the paperwork to HQ.

Eva to email Clevelands Volunteers to give final details.

Meeting Closed at 8.20.