A Castle & A Saxon Church

Saturday 6th May - ' A Castle & A Saxon Church' Lunch break at Witton Castle


First things first, Gordon needs to go back to school to re-learn maths and measurements as when he recces a walk in 5hrs at his speed, he assumes 15 miles, but in reality the club takes another 1.5 hrs and is 4 miles longer.  The day was bone dry and cool, as nine members, including two new faces set off from South Church.


A slow climb through ancient Brustleton Woods carpeted in bluebells, then down to West Auckland.  A myriad of paths then led us to Toft Hill - all gentle ups and downs.  This is horse country, everywhere horses of the travelling type.  Down to Witton Castle for lunch where we sat inside the castle entrance, taking shelter form the cool wind and listening to the peacocks making a din outside.


It was pleasant paths onwards to the fantastic Escomb Church (the oldest in Britain with many very interesting artefacts).  We then took the challenging and in parts eroded riverside path to Bishop Auckland town centre.  Pleasant paths took us through a graveyard field on the final leg of the walk finishing at South Church, at which point I made a hasty retreat to my car to avoid any backlash for the 19 miles!

Gordon & Julie



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